Oct. 31-Nov. 4: Homecoming Week


Dress Themes

  • Monday: "Monochromatic Monday" = Dress all in one color
  • Tuesday: "Time Travel Tuesday" = Dress as someone from the past or future
  • Wednesday: "On Wednesdays we wear pink" = Wear pink 
  • Thursday: "Country vs. Country Club" = Flannels, Cowboy boots, overalls, etc, or Golf wear, etc.
  • Friday: "Friday Tie-Day" = Wear something "Tie" related: wear a tie, tye-dye, represent Thai culture, dress like your favorite Tyler, etc.

Homecoming Dance - Friday, November 4

TKA High School Students Only. Students may dress in TKA gear or dress for the space theme. This is not a formal event. If TKA ladies would like to dress up, the dresses must be consistent with the TKA dress guidelines in the Student/Parent HandbookTickets will be distributed at lunch on Wednesday, November 2-Friday, November 4. Questions? Contact Mrs. Huber