Parent-Sponsored Facebook & Google Groups

TKA Parent Sponsored/Moderated Facebook Groups

You are invited to join; participation is completely optional. These are closed groups for TKA parents only. The pages are moderated by TKA parent volunteers. Please note these pages are NOT an official form of communication from TKA. It is a place for parents to connect, share resources, exchange ideas, collaborate, and build community. Therefore, for official school information, please refer to the school website or the Friday Royal Reminders. For questions or concerns about TKA, please speak to a staff member directly. Also, please note these guidelines. Do not use these Facebook Pages for:

  • Forwarding political emails.
  • Venting or complaining about the school and/or teachers
  • Promoting your family's or employer's business

To access, you must be signed in to Facebook to request to join:

Parent-Sponsored/Moderated Google Group

Are you interested in communicating with other parents at TKA on issues that might help the school community? Perhaps your children have outgrown their PE clothes (or toys or books or games) or perhaps you are doing some Spring (or Winter) cleaning and have furniture or artwork to give away? Perhaps you need a babysitter? The goal of this group is to strengthen the bonds within the TKA parent community and improve communication.

NOTE:  This site isn't for political discussions, complaining about the school, or promoting the family business. Please note that this is a parent-sponsored group and not an official TKA GoogleGroup. The school or office will not act as an intermediary for giving away items but has kindly agreed to send this letter to facilitate membership. All members will be verified using the current directory so we will need your name, (at least one) child's name, and grade to join.

If you have a Gmail account, 

  1. Go to,
  2. In the search box, click on "All groups and messages" and enter "tka-parents"
  3. Click on TKA Parents
  4. Click on "Ask to join group"
  5. n the popup, please help moderators authenticate you by giving your NAME, your CHILD(ren)'s name(s) and GRADE(s). 

If no Gmail account:

  1. To request to join please send email to
    This GoogleGroup will be restricted to parents with a child attending TKA, so please include your NAME, your CHILD's NAME (at least one), and your CHILDs GRADE.