TKA Covid Protocols

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TKA On-Campus Protocol

To ensure the safety of our students and staff, The King's Academy's will follow the following protocols as we begin the school year:

  • All students will return to in-person instruction at TKA. We are not planning to provide any hybrid learning at this time.
  • At this time, masks are required indoors at all times (SCCPH order 8/2/21)
  • Masks are not required outdoors.
  • EXCEPT: Masks are required when in line and ordering at the Knights Café.
  • All food and drink must be consumed outdoors.
  • California Department of Education no longer requires spatial distancing.
  • Symptom checks are still required by students each morning via the form in the Family Portal or TKA mobile app. 
  • We plan to test our students every two weeks. Look for a future email with details.
  • Covid-19 requirements for sports are still to be determined by California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).
  • Vaccinations are not required but are strongly encouraged. 


Student Covid Screening Form

Students will need to complete this form before coming to school each day. It can be found on the mobile app (see below for download instructions) as "Health Screening Form" (Diagram A) and in the Family Portal-->Web Forms-->Covid Response Form (Diagram B)

Diagram A

Diagram B 


Parent Covid Screening Form

Parents will be sent the screening form before parent events.

COVID-19 Daily Screening Form

Staff and Students will fill out the COVID-19 Response Form in the FACTS Family Portal (School Home→Web Forms), or using TKA's mobile app "Health Screening Form), indicating they are not ill and are symptom-free by answering NO to all of the following questions each day before coming to school: 

THIS SCREENING IS REQUIRED BY SANTA CLARA COUNTY.  Students on campus found to have not completed the screening will be pulled from their class until this requirement is met. If any answer is "YES," staff or students must remain home and contact the school at for further instructions.


SCCPH Quarantine Decision Tree

Test Result Decision Tree

Covid Testing

In order to protect the health of our entire educational community, all staff and students will be tested regularly.

TKA Rationale for Testing

  1. Our staff are tested, and they feel safer knowing students are tested too.
  2. We are trying to prevent a large outbreak or even a school closure. Testing allows us to hopefully catch positive Covid individuals before they can pass it on to others. Keeping TKA open is of primary importance along with a return to normal activities.  Testing allows us to continue with all activities.
  3. Now that we do not have social distancing guidelines, or every other week of cohorts which kept the student population smaller, mask wearing and testing make even more sense.  When we were in cohorts, we had a maximum of 300 students on campus.  Now we will have 900 students on campus daily, a 300% increase from last year enhancing the chances of Covid outbreaks.
  4. The Delta variant of Covid is highly contagious even among young people who can bring it home and expose their families.
  5. Testing is for everyone to avoid causing a division among the student body.  Even though some schools are testing only the unvaccinated, TKA does not want to single out the unvaccinated which could divide the student body.
  6. TKA's Administrative Leadership Team believes this is best for our school at this time.  It does not mean we will test indefinitely, but as long as cases are high in our county.


TKA staff and students will be tested every two weeks. 

TKA Student Testing Details

  • Wednesday, September 29, Testing: SIGN UP HERE.
    • Wednesday, September 29, appointments 7:00-9:45 a.m.: ALL students tested.
  • The testing will be an oral mouth swab, a simple and fast process. The technician puts the swab in the student's mouth, swabs against the cheek, and puts the swab in a vial.
  • Results will be available in 24 hours or less. Parents will get a text to view their student's results. The results will be confidential except for limited school personnel responsible for contacting families whose student has a positive test result.

Offsite Student Covid Testing

  • Parents can choose to test offsite at a facility (not a home test kit) and upload the results.
  • An offsite test must be taken at a testing facility (not a home test) and must not have been taken any earlier than 7 days prior and no later than TKA's testing date.
  • Upload Offsite testing results here.

For questions, contact