Jack Ferrante

Junior High Principal

“Why would you EVER want to work with junior-high students?”  I’ve been asked that question more times than I can count, and each time, I am befuddled as to why one would NOT want to work with these young adolescent men and women!  Perceptions of the early adolescent vary throughout our culture, and they are often negative: immature, rowdy, hormone-driven, unpredictable, etc…. By the way, don’t we know high school students and even adults who fit such descriptions?  

I choose to dwell on the possibilities of the young adolescent.  Junior high students are extremely moldable, capable of being influenced for good and for the Gospel.  They are also very capable themselves of helping positively shape the lives of younger children.  In addition, these students are loyal; faithful to their family and friends and to causes that are much bigger than their own individual lives.  Notice their involvement in athletic and robotic teams, drama troupes, youth groups, and community service projects.  They want to be involved in the world around them, not isolated from it! 

God promises to guide the lives of ALL those who put their trust in Him, including junior high students.  It was Christ Himself, as a 12-year old, who taught in the Jerusalem temple.  It was young Samuel who discerned God’s voice calling him to a life of service as a prophet to God’s chosen people.  And, it was young David who protected sheep, stood before Goliath, and eventually assumed kingship of the nation of Israel.  

And that is why I work with junior high students!  The possibilities and promises are too exciting and hopeful to shy away from.  We are working with the future leaders of America and of our world!  Providing them with a Christ-centered and academically rigorous education in a nurturing environment is one way we can help direct them toward a truly successful and productive adult life. 

- Jack Ferrante, Junior High Principal

Kristine Lui

High School Principal

You will not find another high school like The King's Academy, certainly not in northern California. We are a Christ-centered environment. Everything we do and say is for the glory of God. While we do not favor any one denomination over another, we do believe, teach, and live an active relationship with the one, true living God. As a student, you will experience this reality in the classroom, during free time, on the athletic fields, and in performing arts. God is everywhere on this campus!

Academically, you will  be challenged! TKA offers 18 AP classes and 11 honors courses. Our students score a 3 or higher on AP tests 92% of the time; far above the national average. Over two-thirds of our juniors and seniors take AP classes.  Our math, science, English, and history classes average just twenty students per class and are capped at 25 students. Because classes are small, TKA teachers will help you achieve your academic goals.

Still, there is so much more to The King's Academy than academics. We have a diverse athletics and arts programs. Over 80% of our students participate in either arts or athletics, and many find a way to do both.

I know of no other school our size that closes the classroom for a week so that all of the students can go out into the world to serve people in various communities during Service Week. Our signature service trip to Tecate, Mexico has been a part of who we are since our founding. Every year, we send over 300 students and 120 adults to build homes for those in need. To date, TKA has built nearly 400 houses!

I hope you will become a part of our learning community where we not only provide academic excellence but balance it with life and relationships.

- Kristine Lui, High School Principal