School Board

As stewards of The King's Academy's mission, the School Board provides financial, spiritual, academic, and operational oversight. Additionally, the Board hires and evaluates the Head of School.

The Board establishes the policies of the school and sets the strategic plan, with the Head of School having the primary responsibility for the implementation of the Board's policies and long-term goals.  

The Board also evaluates the effectiveness of the school's programs and services in achieving its mission. The Board's role in this area is to work with the Head of School proactively to determine how to best achieve the school's ministry and mission objectives.

The Board meets as a whole ten to twelve times per year and operates through a series of standing committees.  Each Board member serves on at least one committee and many on more than one.  Committees include: Audit, Endowment, Finance, Facilities, Governance,  Long-Range Planning,  Personnel, and Spiritual Life.

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School Board Members

LAURA FRENCH, Vice President
AMY HORNING, Secretary


SCOTT MEADOWS, Head of School






TKA Income (2020-2021 Budget): $22.4 million

TKA Expenses (2020-2021 Budget): $22.3 million

TKA Board Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee hires and interfaces with the independent auditors. It reviews the school audits, tax filings, and system of internal controls. The committee also investigates any matters arising from the organization’s Whistleblower Policy or Conflict of Interest Policy. - Greg Niven, Chair

Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee concerns itself with the establishment and oversight of the endowment fund.

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee concerns itself with the care, maintenance and adequacy of all school buildings, grounds, and equipment. The committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding the planning for new facilities. - Frank Kmak, Chair

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee recommends the annual budget and the associated tuition & fees; sets investment and finance/accounting policies; reviews insurance, tax returns, audits, and other information necessary to maintain the integrity of the school's financial practices. This committee also reviews all fundraising plans, including capital campaigns. - Scott Bartell, Chair

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee deals with issues related to the Board itself. The committee develops and reviews governance policy and operational procedures for the Board. It also manages the process of recruiting, assessing, training, mentoring, and reviewing Board members. - Stephen Tom, Chair

Long-Range Planning Committee

The Master Plan Committee creates the strategic plan establishing the future direction of the school's growth and development.  - Laura French, Chair

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee reviews personnel and HR practices, procedures, and policies and makes recommendations to the Board and administration for any necessary changes or additions. It reviews issues related to hiring, job evaluations, benefits, and salary schedules. - Julia Taylor, Chair