The King's Subjects

Reflections by the People of TKA

These reflections come from students, staff, alumni and parents. If you would like to have a submission considered for this blog, please contact Kriss Hayward, Director of Marketing & Communications.

While we were considering The Kings Academy, one of my co-workers sat down with me to share the great experience that he and his son had with the school.  He knew that a faith-centered school that offered an inclusive and diverse student body with a focus on academic excellence and track record was important to my wife and me.  We are so grateful for his recommendation because The Kings Academy has exceeded our expectations. 

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In 11th grade U.S. History, Ms. Rychen gave her students a "Choice Board" with nine different opportunities for researching the Civil War. Although there were no musical options, Denzel Chin asked if he could create his own song (a rap) explaining the Civil War, including key battles and people.

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This year, the yearbook staff proudly introduces to you our theme: Beneath the Surface. In a society that focuses on outer image, we wanted to remind everyone that people are more than they appear. Beneath the Surface represents delving deeper into what we see on the outside. 

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