The King's Subjects

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Reflections by the People of TKA

These reflections come from students, staff, alumni and parents. If you would like to have a submission considered for this blog, please contact Kooper Frame, Director of Marketing & Communications.

What stands out to me the most from my time here was feeling a sense of camaraderie and fellowship. There is no school like King's because of the intentional nature from top to bottom to minister to students. When I was here, I was not one of many; I was Scott, and I knew that I mattered and was important because the staff poured into me. Every human longs for belonging and significance, which I found here because the school is built to have that as one of its core elements.

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Excerpt from Open House remarks from Jack Monaco, Class of 2018: "Most of all, King’s was a place where I was surrounded by many men and women who loved God and loved me. And that has made a world of difference in my life. The staff at this school taught me and coached me, but they also trusted me. In several cases, they employed me. They invested in my spiritual development (my 8th-grade geometry teacher mentored me through my freshman year of college), and they just genuinely cared about me. My drama troupe director still prays for me weekly and checks in with me whenever I am home...." Click "Read More" to read entire speech.

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