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The King's Academy inspires academic excellence.

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The King’s Academy offers a variety of academic curricula, with choices tailored to the individual student’s talents and aspirations. Students, with the help of academic and college counselors, are encouraged to choose the curriculum that best suits them, whether it be a challenging all-around course of study or one tailored to a more specific interest or goal.

TKA offers 20 AP courses and 9 Honors courses

Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies that promote active learning. Students encounter direct instruction, hands-on labs, Socratic seminars, and group projects throughout their day. As part of the TKA’s 1:1 technology program, students bring their own device, within school specifications, and use a variety of applications that enrich learning and engagement. Caring and passionate teachers help make the learning environment positive and encouraging at all grade levels. Students can begin taking AP courses in 9th grade.

The King’s Academy High School Graduation Requirements

Subject Area   

Total Credits

Bible 10-30 (dependent upon year entered)
Math 20-30 (at Geometry or higher)
Science** 30
English 40
Social Studies  30
World Languages‡ 10-30
Physical Education (9th grade must take PE) 20
Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) 10
Electives     20 (minimum)
Credits Required for Graduation
240 credits

Note: An integral component of TKA’s high school curriculum is required annual participation in TKA’s service week.

Yearlong classes = 10 credits; semester-long classes = 5 credits

Of the 150 credits required for UC eligibility, 70 credits must be taken in the last two (2) years of high school.  In order to qualify for UC eligibility, students must have a C or higher in all required courses.

Pre-Algebra will not be awarded high school credit. Completion of math sequence through Geometry is required to be considered college preparatory.

** Completion of Biology and Physical Science or Chemistry required

Completion of a level of a world language is required in high school.  Completion of level three (3) or higher is strongly recommended.

The King's Academy Junior High School Course Plan

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Bible 6: Engaging the Heart 1 Bible 7: Old Testament Survey Bible 8: Christ & Early Church
Math 6/General Math/Pre-Algebra General Math/Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra/Algebra I
Science 6: Earth Science Science 7: Life Science Science 8: Physical
English 6: Literature & Composition English 7: Literature & Composition Science
Ancient World History 6 Geography & World History 7 English 8: Literature &
P.E. 6 P.E. - JH U.S. History 8|
Elective Elective P.E. - JH

Homework Load

These estimates are based on data collected from students in the annual Student Course Surveys. Actual homework load will vary by student.

Junior High Hours Per Night High School Hours Per Night
6th Grade Up to 2 9th Grade Up to 3
7th Grade Up to 2.5 9th Grade with Honors Classes Up to 3
8th Grade Up to 2.5 10th Grade Up to 3
    10th Grade with Honors and AP Classes

Up to 3.5

    11th and 12th Grade Up to 45 minutes per course
    AP Classes  Up to 60 minutes per cours


College and Academic Planning

The King’s Academy places a high value on counseling our students throughout the academic and college planning process

Students are assigned to their counselor in 9th grade. This counselor will remain with the student for all four years of high school and assist with course planning, academic advising, and college counseling needs. 

TKA's academic and college counseling program allows for a seamless progression for students to ensure academic advising that focuses on future goals. By working with students starting in the 9th grade, counselors are well acquainted with their students when they begin their college application process, which allows for more personalized college recommendations and detailed counselor letters of recommendation. Moreover, TKA's program fosters enduring relationships between students and their counselors.

TKA's ratio of student to college counselor is 40:1 per grade, much lower than the 250-to-1 ratio recommended by the American School Counselors Association. This low ratio enables a highly personalized college counseling experience.

Our comprehensive program includes individualized counseling, informational presentations at each grade level, student workshops on essay writing and applications, and guest speakers on topics such as financial aid. State-of-the-art online tools are available for our students and families to navigate the college admissions process successfully. TKA counselors work closely with families to find colleges and universities that are best aligned with a student’s academic and extracurricular interests, career aspirations, and financial aid requirements. The primary goal is to help students find the best “fit”  institution, enabling them to apply their God-given gifts to pursue their goals with confidence and maturity. 


Service has been a core component of the mission and values of The King’s Academy since the very beginning of our school. Moreover, service is an integral part of the educational experience at TKA. Through the lens of service, education and learning make the most sense and provide the greatest purpose and meaning for life.  “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10).

For TKA, the goal of service is not to go somewhere and simply perform a service, but rather to return transformed into a servant leader for life.

Students continue to testify how service rises to the top as one of the most impactful elements of their TKA education.

High school students are required to participate in a school-led service trip each spring during TKA's Service Week, which is part of the high school curriculum.

Students serve alongside classmates, staff, and parents which contributes to the unique bonding experience offered by TKA service trips

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