Academic Support

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The Academic Support Department offers a limited range of support services for our students who have been diagnosed with a learning issue, a medical illness, and/or emotional issues. The resources we provide are to help equip the student for academic success. 

Protocol for Receiving Services

In order for students to receive Academic Support Services, they must submit an educational evaluation that has been administered by a clinical psychologist within the past three years. Students who do not have up-to-date evaluations will not be given assistance through the Academic Support Department. Please contact one of the Academic Support Specialists for further questions.

Our Goal

Academic planning tailored to your student’s learning differences.

What We Offer

  • Two full-time academic support specialists, one for junior high and one for high school, and a full-time proctor.
    • Create Individual Student Support Plans tailored to the student’s specific learning needs
    • Meet  with student’s Educational Testing Evaluator
    • Monitor student’s progress
    • Make adjustments to schedule when necessary
    • Coordinate conferences between students/parents/teachers
    • Work closely with Academic Counselors
  • Private tutoring references
  • Specialized organization program
  • Standardized testing on site
    •  Trained proctor
    • Testing accommodations on College Board exams
  • Recommendations for psycho-educational testing

Other Support Services

  • Assist students who need extra academic support due to medical, physical, or emotional concerns.

Student Accommodations

Depending on diagnosis, students may have access to the following accommodations:

  • Access to Academic Support Center for small group testing
  • Extended time on tests, quizzes and long-term assignments
  • Proctor test and finals with 50% extended time
  • Preferential seating in classroom 
  • Access to study guides or teacher notes
  • Use of laptop for writing assignments and tests
  • Allow for spelling revisions. without penalty
  • Use of calculator on assignments and tests
  • Allow credit for test corrections (teachers' discretion)

Academic Support Fees 

$750 annual fee payable by November 1.
Financial Assistance available upon request to the Business Office

Academic Support Resources

Academic Support Brochure 

Educational Testing Resources
(Peer tutoring resources, such as National Honor Society tutors, are located on the Parent & Student Resource Page linked in Family Portal under "Resource Documents"

Earl Locke

Earl Locke, Sr
Junior High Academic Support Specialist

Jenny Chong

Jenny Chong
High School Academic Support Specialist


Cheryl Baldovino

Cheryl Baldovino