College Counseling

Our primary mission is to enable students to use their God-given gifts in pursuit of their life’s calling with confidence and maturity.The college admissions process is a pivotal period in the high school student’s life and is a process that involves the whole family. The King’s Academy is equipped to come alongside our students and parents throughout the process to make it personal, meaningful, and targeted to individual needs. 

We strive to demystify the process and empower students to apply to colleges that are best suited to them, emotionally and academically, allowing them to connect beyond the classroom.

Every high school student has an Academic Counselor who oversees them from 9th through 10th grades. Beginning in 11th grade, every junior is assigned to a college counselor who provides experienced, professional college admissions advising. The student’s college counselor will advise your student through graduation from high school, and sometimes beyond. The ratio of student to college counselor is 60:1, enabling a highly personalized college counseling experience. Naviance Student™, a widely recognized online software program, assists students in career and college planning.

The department hosts evening presentations for each grade level and invites expert guest speakers to campus on topics such as financial aid, UC admissions, and SAT testing. 

Additionally, the College & Academic Counseling Center hosts college representatives on our campus from a diverse selection of colleges and universities for our students to learn about the wide array of colleges available to them. Workshops for college essay writing and for UC and Common Applications are provided on Wednesday mornings during the fall.

Our Philosophy

By asking the right type of questions, and through careful introspection and consideration, we work together to find a set of colleges and universities that are best aligned with your child’s academic and extracurricular interests, career aspirations, and financial aid requirements. 

Our primary goal is to help students find the best “fit”  institution where they will be successful and thrive during this important phase of their lives.

To Request a Transcript

Contact Mrs. Judi Squires, TKA Registrar

(408) 481-9900 x 4276

Note: There will be a $3.00 processing fee for each official transcript
requested through the Registrar's Office for current students and $5.00 for each transcript requested by alumni.

For College Representatives

The King’s Academy welcomes visits from college and university representatives throughout the school year. Schedule a visit to our campus through RepVisits™ or contact

Naviance Student

Naviance Student is a free application that allows students to search for colleges and to manage tasks associated with the college admissions process

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