Web Certification Installation

PLEASE NOTE:  Accessing sites like google.com or gmail.com will require a digital certificate while on campus. If you do not install the digital certificate you will see error pages on your web browsers when attempting to go to those secure websites. You will only need to download and install the certificate once.

The King’s Academy IT Services department has provided the PDF guide and the link to download the digital certificate.

Please login to your Family Web Portal and check the TKA Digital Certificate section under Announcements for both the PDF Guide and the Digital Certificate download. 

SSL Inspection Policy

According to The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), this requires schools to implement a web filter that can block content that is pornographic, obscene or harmful to minors. Another requirement is to have a policy that monitors the activity of students while on campus. These policies must be implemented on the devices that students use while on campus so it can protect students from inappropriate content.  

SSL is a type of encryption protocol that websites are now using to make sure that data passed from their web server to a user’s web browser remains safe and secure. You can recognize a secure website by it’s “https” protocol that is prefixed at the beginning of a URL. Search engines such as Google use this type of encryption as well as any site that requires a user to login. Our web filter, to comply with CIPA rules, needs to use SSL inspection so that we are able to block inappropriate content. 

Using SSL inspection allows the school to be able to monitor and block content that students view while on campus which complies with the CIPA regulations. If the school did not have this technology on its web filter, then students could only be seen looking at Google.com, but it would not see what search terms students are using. This inspection is needed so that any search terms that are deemed inappropriate would be blocked for the student. Also, it allows a way to track if students show a pattern of behavior of searching or browsing content that can be harmful to themselves or others which can be reported to the Dean of students. Other advantages of using inspection on sites like YouTube allow for more control of educational content to be more prevalent in searches and can filter out more entertainment content so students can focus on learning and research.

Since The King’s Academy has moved to a BYOD policy for devices to be used on campus, these devices will need to comply with CIPA rules. This means that these devices, while used on campus, will need to have SSL inspection policies. In order to apply those policies while using a device on the TKA school Wifi network, devices will need to download and install a digital certificate that allows SSL inspection. This certificate will only need to be installed one time. When devices are off-campus and not using the TKA school Wifi network, SSL inspection and the schools filtering policies will not be applied to those devices.