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Summer Open House for 6th Grade

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Join us for our 6th Grade Open House on Thursday, June 6, at 4:00 p.m. We will provide an overview of our academic, spiritual life, athletics, and visual and performing arts programs. The program includes a tour of the 6th grade area. After the formal program, you will have an opportunity to ask our teachers and staff your questions. Enjoy games and complimentary ice cream. Plus, prospective students will receive a free Knights t-shirt! 

TKA's 6th grade program is very special and a cornerstone of The King’s Academy experience.  It is the start of a journey that builds relationships with peers and staff for seven years! Our students often speak lovingly, and longingly, of their 6th grade year - a year unlike any other private junior high school experience in the Bay Area. 

What Makes It So Special? 

First of all, 6th graders are adored by the other students on campus. They are especially mentored and loved by the seniors who give them a special welcome and serve alongside staff as home group leaders.

All of the core 6th grade classrooms are located together, and there is a play area nearby.

Finally, they are taught and mentored daily by a core of experienced 6th grade teachers who are dedicated to this age group. They begin each day with their 6th grade homegroup and take Bible, English, History, and Science classes with other 6th graders.  P.E. classes are also with only 6th graders but are divided by gender. Math classes are by placement level, therefore, 6th graders may be placed with students in other grades.

While our 6th graders have many exclusive activities for the purpose of bonding their class, they soon become very much a part of the whole school's spiritual life and co-curricular activities and experiences.

Please read “Frequently Asked Questions About Sixth Grade” for more information.

Ready to be a "Sixer"?

Starting The King's Academy in 6th grade gives students 7 years to build enduring relationships with peers, faculty, and staff. Think of all the memories your student will take upon graduation!  

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