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Special High School Opportunities

The King's Academy offers a full-service program for high school with abundant participation opportunities in performing arts, athletics, academic teams, robotics, and a multitude of clubs.

High School students begin the year with a unique class retreat. 9th graders go to Rock-N-Water for class bonding activities, including whitewater rafting, canyoneering, team-building exercises, and fun campfire activities.

10th-12th graders attend retreat at beautiful Hume Lake. Activities include chapel meetings, singing, lake activities, ropes course, ball court games, field games, hiking and much more!

High schoolers participate in TKA's annual Service Week with their classmates and experience a school-led trip to various locations both in the U.S. and abroad. Students continue to testify how TKA retreats and service trips rise to the top as one of the most impactful elements of their high school education.

Academic & College Preparation

In the 9th grade, each student is assigned a counselor who will remain with the student for all four years of high school and assist with course planning, academic advising, and college counseling needs.

By working with students beginning in the 9th grade, counselors are well acquainted with their students when they begin their college application process, which allows for more personalized college recommendations and detailed counselor letters of recommendation. Moreover, TKA's program fosters enduring relationships between students and their counselors.

TKA offers academic pathways for students who are planning to go to 2-year or 4-year colleges.

College Counselor Ratio

TKA's College and Academic Counseling is consistently rated as one of TKA's strongest departments by parents, students, and staff. There are four counselors, resulting in a 40:1 student to counselor ratio per grade, enabling a highly personalized college counseling experience. (The American School Counselors Association recommends 250:1; In California, the average ratio is 622:1.)

College Enrollment

For the Class of 2023, 99% enrolled in college or university. Take a look at the colleges where TKA students were accepted and where they enrolled.

Open House Fall 2024

Freshmen Success Program

Beginning in the summer of 2024, TKA will offer the optional "Freshmen Success" program to help make the transition from middle school to high school smoother. Students taking a rigorous course load will learn skills to help manage their work. New students will benefit from learning "the TKA way" in advance of the first day of school.

An essential component of this program is community-building and helping students build relationships with one another. To help students be well-prepared for high school rigor, students will polish their study skills and organizational management skills. Plus, they will learn technology tools that make staying on top of assignments and studying more effective and efficient.

Students will also be introduced to TKA's writing requirements for the humanities and sciences. The program will be one week for a half-day (4 hours) and will be offered three times during the summer. For students new to TKA, there will be an additional hour each day to acquaint them with details about TKA's schedule, culture, campus, and more. 

Sign up for the Freshmen Success Program and check out all of TKA's summer offerings below!

Sign Up for the Freshmen Success ProGRAM

Critical Choices

In today’s society, the stakes are high for parents who desire to raise students who are not only academically prepared but who have a strong moral compass and a sense of purpose. A critical choice is the environment in which your student will spend 35-50 plus hours per week.

What kind of adult mentors and peers do you want impacting your high school student during these many hours?

High school is the most significant times in life in terms of shaping a person’s self concept, values, and goals. These years are the most formative in determining the person your child will become—how he/she defines “success,” negotiates life’s storms, and finds the motivation to lead his/her life.

When you drop your child off at college, you will want to know that you have done all you can to prepare them to make good life choices in the years ahead: to choose a fulfilling career, to choose a marriage partner, to choose whether or not to have children, to choose how to handle life’s problems…

TKA Viewbook

Academic Profile 2023-2024

By the Numbers


Student to Teacher Ratio


AP Courses & 9 Honors Courses


Students Receiving Tuition Assistance of $1,781,000 (2023-24)


Varsity Teams in CCS Championship Playoffs


Local & Global Service Trips Annually


Grade-level Student Retreats to Build Relationships with Jesus, Peers & Teachers.


Class of 2023 Composite SATs


of Graduates Matriculate to Colleges