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Critical Choices

In today’s society, the stakes are high for parents who desire to raise students who are not only academically prepared but who have a strong moral compass and a sense of purpose. A critical choice is the environment in which your student will spend 35-50 plus hours per week.

What kind of adult mentors and peers do you want impacting your student during these many hours?

Junior high and high school are the most significant times in life in terms of shaping a person’s self concept, values, and goals. These years are the most formative in determining the person your child will become—how he/she defines “success,” negotiates life’s storms, and finds the motivation to lead his/her life.

When you drop your child off at college, you will want to know that you have done all you can to prepare them to make good life choices in the years ahead: to choose a fulfilling career, to choose a marriage partner, to choose whether or not to have children, to choose how to handle life’s problems…

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