VPA Staff

Meet the Visual and Performing Arts Staff!

Our faculty is passionate about the arts and the way they can enhance a student’s creativity and their academic performance.  We love what we do and who we do it for: our students and THE KING!

STACEY REED: VPA Lead · Dance Teacher · 7 years at TKA
Mrs. Reed teaches all levels of Junior High and High School Dance. She is a TKA alumna who then received her B.A. in Dance from San Jose State University. Mrs. Reed has been teaching dance for 12 years within public dance studios and elementary schools. She feels blessed and overjoyed to be continuing for another year!


RYAN BORTZ: Director of Instrumental Music · 14 years at TKA
Mr. Bortz earned his B.A. in music, with a concentration in music education, from Pepperdine University. Additionally, he has an M.A. in education, with a concentration in curriculum and instruction, from CSU, Northridge, and a Master of Music degree, with a concentration in instrumental conducting, from Sam Houston State University.


EMILEE HORCA: VPA Administrative Assistant · 1st year at TKA
Mrs. Horca attended UC Davis and double majored in Spanish and Psychology. She is especially honored to have the opportunity to bring her experience in the arts to the VPA department. Mrs. Horca hopes to impart her faith, passion, and creativity to students and employees. In her spare time, she loves to write songs and plans to release music in the near future!


RHONDA IRWIN: VPA Specialist · 14 years at TKA
Mrs. Irwin has produced more than 60 theatre and dance productions, as well as over 50 concerts and 75 music competitions at the state level for TKA. She oversees 25 independent contractors seasonally to support the 12 unique visual and performing arts programs. She manages travel and competitions for the Class A Championship marching band program, Carnegie Hall-performing choir, and Rita Moreno award-winning theatre program. A lifelong music educator, Mrs. Irwin connects with students through her experience in playing clarinet in college band, accompanying orchestra and show choir on piano, choral singing, teaching children’s music classes, and working as a box office lead and house manager for theatre productions. She attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. She is a Google Certified Educator and a recognized Apple Teacher.


MALIA JOSEPH: Theatre Teacher &  Director · 2nd year at TKA
Ms. Joseph holds a Bachelor’s in Child Studies and Theatre Arts from Santa Clara University. She is thrilled to join an environment of Christian educators who share the same values and Christian principles. Ms. Joseph loves TKA’s VPA program and is excited to work with colleagues who are equally passionate about arts education. In her spare time, she loves exploring the outdoors by hiking and being at the beach. 


DAVID LIN: Praise & Worship Teacher · 2 years at TKA
Mr. Lin holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from MIT. He is excited to see what God has planned for the TKA community, especially in praise and worship. Mr. Lin loves to sing and is active in his church’s prayer, recovery, and worship ministries. His son is a recent TKA graduate. 


AMY MYERS: Digital Photography and Yearbook · 12 years at TKA
Mrs. Myers received a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Secondary Education from Mercer University in Atlanta.  She received a M.S. in Teaching Mathematics from Santa Clara University. She has been in education since 1989, teaching eighth grade math, then high school math until she started her family. When her middle child started 6th grade at TKA, Mrs. Myers joined TKA staff to teach Pre-Calculus and Calculus until 2019, when she thought she was retiring. This past year, as she began substitute teaching, God tugged at her heart and directed her back to TKA where she will have the privilege of teaching digital photography and advising  the yearbook’s student staff.


CLAUDIA SANBORN: Art Teacher · 1st year at TKA
Ms. Sanborn holds a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from San Jose State University. She is excited to be part of a growing community with shared values and to work together to educate and encourage the next generation. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and making pigments from the rocks she collects. Ms. Sanborn especially loves playing with color.


NOAH SANBORN: Digital Art Teacher · 2 years at TKA
Mr. Sanborn has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Jose State University. His favorite thing about coming to TKA is being able to share his knowledge with the students and to help them grow. In his free time, Mr. Sanborn enjoys watching movies. Recently, he fell in love with building and painting plastic models of robots as well as making and texturing digital models for video games.


JULIE SOMERS: VPA Coordinator · 3 years at TKA
Mrs. Somers earned a B.S. from San Diego Christian College and majored in Counseling Psychology. As a former Administrative Assistant, Julie comes to TKA with 15 years experience in working with Christian Schools. Her former Administrator asked her to create and execute an Orchestra program within the school curriculum.  It has been a successful program that gets instruments into the hands of hundreds of students. She loves photography and has a respect for theatre and music. As a former General Manager of a large restaurant, her abilities to see the big picture and troubleshoot on the fly will aid her as she assists the VPA program.


MARIEL TUIJT: Vocal Music Teacher · 4 years at TKA
Mrs. Tuijt comes to TKA with more than twenty-five years of experience. She holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Comparative Literature. She sang major operatic roles throughout the U.S. and Europe while developing her skills as a voice teacher and choral director. Mrs.Tuijt has taught diction for singers, voice, opera scenes, and French at several universities and endlessly volunteered in elementary schools teaching kids about classical music. She is fluent in I.P.A (International Phonetic Alphabet) and speaks 7 languages.