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Online Sports Sign-Up Dates

eSport Signup - Sign up by Monday, February 8

eSports is rapidly growing in popularity around the world and has trickled down to the high school level. eSports is a sanctioned Varsity sport by the NFHS(National Federation of High School Athletics) and the state of California. The company, PlayVS, is the official High School partner for eSports. There is even a High School State Championship. Our first step in this process is to see if there is enough genuine interest to get this program off the ground. Just as our athletic teams, the eSports team will have practices, a sports fee, a coach and competitions with the same expectations and commitment of any other sport. If we have enough interest, we will take the next step in forming the team. The goal is to have a team that would compete this school year. The five games available for competition are: League of Legends, Rocket League, FIFA 21, Madden 21 and SMITE.  The coach of our team will be our very own Jerico Horca! Mr. Horca works in our IT department and has considerable experience in competitive gaming himself. His expertise and knowledge of the eSports world is extremely valuable! 

  • Questions?  Contact Kevin Johnson, High School Assistant Athletic Director

Junior High Sports Sign-Ups

TBD - There is not yet a clear picture of when junior high sports will be able to resume. Dates for sign-ups will be announced in the Royal Reminders.

Athletic Clearance Process: 2 Steps!

Fees & Handbook

Athletic Sports Fees

  • Sports Fees will be billed through FACTS, TKA's online tuition management service. Sports Fees will be billed once team rosters are finalized (Typically two weeks after first practice). 
  • There will be a $50 late registration fee for any student who does not sign up during the allotted time period.

Athletic Handbook