This Task Force was formed specifically to create the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. They met beginning in February 2016 and completed the work in March 2017.

Co- Chairs
Emily Cabot and Laura French 

Institutional Identity
Jerry Bruce, Chair
Ben Davis, Jack Ferrante, Martin Gates, Mauren Ghiossi, Kristine Lui, Joe Maemone, George Parsons, Julia Taylor

Kooper Frame, Chair
Betsy Atler, Michele Duncan, Kriss Hayward, Michael "MJ" Johnson, Sanford Kenyon, Josephine Loy, Rob Starke

Frank Kmak, Chair
Rhonda Irwin, Kevin Johnson, Scott Meadows, Matt Nisbet, Lincoln Wescott, John Yandle, Heather Yandle

Greg Niven

Administrative Support
Glee Balvanz

Special thanks to Paideia, Inc. and Lead Consultant, Bruce Lockerbie