GOAL 1:  Increase TKA’s Annual Fund income. 

Why This Is Important: Like any organization, TKA needs a sustainable financial model to fulfill its mission. It is the Board's goal to generate sufficient tuition income to fund the normal operational needs of the school.  However, certain aspects of TKA’s institutional identity necessitate a funding model that goes beyond that which is generated by tuition.  

GOAL 2:  Increase broad-based participation in giving to The Knights Annual Fund.

Why This Is Important: It is desirable that TKA’s community be known for its generosity.  The school’s missional goal of inspiring servant leadership compels TKA’s community to sacrificial giving of time and talents for both local and global service. Similarly, TKA aspires to be a community that models financial generosity, including giving that enables TKA to better fulfill its mission and vision.  

GOAL 3:  Create and grow an endowment. 

Why This Is Important: Creating a substantive endowment will make TKA less dependent on Knights Annual Fund donations.  An endowment can also increase overall donations to TKA by sourcing legacy gifts (from wills, charitable trusts, etc.) Long-term, the Board would like the income generated by the endowment to become the primary funding source for need-based tuition assistance, teacher development, and programs. Creating an endowment will also provide a potential source of funds for TKA to build/buy its own campus.  

GOAL 4:  Inspire all programs and departments to serve the local community.

Why This Is ImportantThis is a very exciting and winsome initiative because it is an extension of the mission of The King's Academy to be servant leaders and influence the world for Christ. By approaching this strategically and intentionally, TKA will create a sustainable and cohesively-branded set of activities that build relationships and visibility within the local community. Service may include sending performance groups out into the community, assembling care packages for nearby shelters, recognizing and thanking local city service workers, and inviting neighbors to a prayer night and BBQ on campus.

GOAL 5:  Increase TKA’s visibility and goodwill within the community.

Why This Is ImportantBesides fulfilling the mission of the school, other potential blessings of local service may include drawing more families to TKA, engendering support in the community to keep TKA in Sunnyvale, and of course, honoring God by reflecting the light and love of Christ to the community.