GOAL 1:  Renegotiate critical aspects of TKA's lease to increase the confidence of remaining at the current site.

Why This Is Important: The Strategic Task Force committee has commissioned the current principal to begin renegotiations with the superintendent of Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) to extend the school's lease to a longer term, remove the current five-year out clause or, at the least, extend the out clause beyond ten years. The ultimate goal would be to find a way to purchase the current site; however, a long-term lease with an improved out clause is a significant step in the right direction. The goals of The King’s Academy can be realized by creating a culture of permanence that comes from having ownership of one’s own destiny

GOAL 2:  Execute capital investment projects that improve the function and appearance of TKA's current campus.

Why This Is Important: TKA is dedicated to continually improving the physical facilities in order to enhance the academic, extra-curricular, and spiritual experience of the students. This includes regular maintenance and upkeep of the existing facilities as well as capital investment projects that enhance the TKA campus.

GOAL 3:  Cultivate pride in TKA's campus.

Why This Is Important: The condition of TKA's facility has an impact on the work and study environment.  A well-cared-for campus aligns well with TKA's mission to inspire academic excellence and enduring relationships. Excellence is inspired by an attitude that both faculty and students are providing the best environment for advancing academics and relationships.  An attitude of excellence is enhanced by the pride in ownership that starts with the Facilities staff and extends from the administration, faculty, and staff all the way to the youngest of students. A culture of caring for the facilities that God has entrusted to TKA enhances the academic, spiritual, and social environment on campus.  

GOAL 4:  Investigate what it would take to realize TKA's dream of securing a long-term campus location.

Why This Is Important: The current lease agreement is a challenging agreement because of the five-year out clause that is available to both The King’s Academy (TKA) and Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD). Five years is an inadequate amount of time to study, finance, secure, and build a potential new campus if the FUHSD did give TKA a five-year notice.  For this reason, it is important to understand the options that are available to TKA in securing a long-term location.