March 2017

Dear TKA Community,

Just over a year ago this month, the Board of The King’s Academy embarked upon the monumental task of completing our first ever Strategic Plan. Last March, we gave parents, staff, and students an opportunity to share with our consultant the things that make TKA special as well as the areas they thought needed improvement. It was an eye-opening experience that gave the Strategic Plan Task Force the impetus they needed to begin the strategic plan. After many meetings, over the past nine months, our team has finished the Strategic Plan, and now we have the privilege of beginning the enormous work of realizing the vision that the Board-approved plan casts.

The Task Force came up with three initiatives: Institutional Identity, Advancement, and Facilities. Each initiative has multiple goals that we hope to accomplish. I am so excited that our administration, staff, and parents now have a clear vision of where we want to be in the next five years.

Lastly, there is one phase of the Strategic Plan that is not entirely completed: financing the plan. Some parts of the plan are already resourced and underway. We have added areas in our budget to increase spending for teacher training, technology, and facility upgrades. However, we cannot completely finish the Strategic Plan without the help of all of our stakeholders. We run a tight ship at TKA, and we budget to make sure all of our students get an exceptional education. But, the truth is that we need additional funding to get to the next level of excellence. Because we want to continue to reach students from all walks of life, we need to begin the work of creating an endowment that will leave a legacy of helping students in Silicon Valley attain a truly Christ-centered education. Any size gifts to help ensure The King's Academy legacy are greatly appreciated, and donations can be made online.

Please join me as we begin the implementation phase of the Strategic Plan. I hope that everyone of you will do your part to see The King’s Academy reach its full potential of serving Christ in Sunnyvale and all of Silicon Valley.

In Him,

Scott Meadows
Head of School, The King's Academy


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