At TKA, Spirit Week is a beloved tradition that takes place in February prior to Winter Break.  We encourage students get FIG-GY with it!  FIG-GY SPIRIT means Fun, Inclusive, God-Honoring!

The King’s Academy Spirit Week is a four-day, school-wide competition between the grades, planned by the Student Council, filled with laughter, cheering, excitement and fun! All students from 6th-12th grades participate in themes for dressing up each day, and in a variety of competitions throughout the week. Monday is always Character Day, Wednesday is always Decade Day, and Thursday is always Class Color Day. Tuesday is always a "Wild Card" and differs from year to year.  What is consistent is four-days filled with excitement, class bonding, and awesome fun as both students and staff dress up each day and get involved in the games and competitions

The Spirit Week rallies take place each day before lunch. The rallies are filled with energy and excitement as students compete in games and show their school spirit by cheering for one another and their classes. Classes earn spirit points by following the theme, competing in games, and coming up with cheers and skits. The week culminates with the class dance competition and the crowning of the Spirit Week class champion. It is a great time to go crazy and show just how much class and school spirit we have.

Check out this Spirit Week Video!

Watch this Spirit Week Slideshow!

Photos from each of the four days of Spirit Week are in TKA's Media Gallery.


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