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2020 Yearbook Dedication

Dear TKA,

This year, the yearbook staff proudly introduces to you our theme: Beneath the Surface. In a society that focuses on outer image, we wanted to remind everyone that people are more than they appear. Beneath the Surface represents delving deeper into what we see on the outside. The classmates that surround you each have unique traits and characteristics that will only be revealed upon a closer look. Our hope is to bring to light the importance of looking past the facades we put on daily. 

Our theme verse this year is 1 Samuel 16:7, which says, "People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." We chose this verse to emphasize how God loves us for who we are at our core. It is a good reminder to us that we need to look beyond physical appearances, beyond actions, and beyond words. We need to take time to get to know each other because we are all unique and valued just because God made us. We all have inner beauty, and by looking Beneath the Surface, we can see each other the way we were made to. 

When you look out over an ocean, it's very beautiful, but hardly compares to the beauty beneath the surface. Diving below the waves, entire ecosystems flourish in balance with one another. Each creature is necessary for keeping their habitat alive. At The King's Academy, every student is valuable and essential to our ecosystem. As students and staff members, we define what the ecosystem looks like. So while we may look like an ordinary school at first, when you look beneath the surface, everything comes alive.


Yearbook Staff 2019-2020

Posted by Mrs. Kriss Hayward on Monday June, 22 at 10:05AM


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