Interdisciplinary Electives

Video Production and Editing (Semester, Grades 7-12)

In this course, students will learn how to create films and videos through pre-production, production, and post-production. Students will learn how to utilize script writing programs as well as develop organizational spreadsheets before filming. Students will be taught to manipulate and operate camera equipment and lighting technology. Additional topics include how to edit using Final Cut Pro X and other effects programs, and how to create content for various media platforms such as YouTube. There will be separate classes for junior high and high school students.

Broadcasting  (Year/Semester, Grades 7-12)

This course explores many aspects of broadcasting, which include creating dynamic announcements, use of the equipment, news writing, directing and announcing techniques, and learning a production workflow. Dedication is required. Work after school may be necessary. Prerequisite: A completed application.

Research Project (Year, Grades 11-12)

This advanced research course reaches beyond the classroom and provides students in their junior and senior years with opportunities to investigate topics of their choosing as well as develop a voice that carries out the mission, vision, and core values of The King’s Academy. Students will undertake research with a cross-curricular approach that captures and harnesses the same multi-platform skillsets that colleges and corporations demand. Original research projects may fall into the broad science, humanities, business, or liberal arts categories as well as interdisciplinary orientations. Once students have chosen a field of research, they will seek guidance from a professional mentor in the field. The course culminates with a public presentation of a paper or project - the result of a year of research, scholarly engagement, source analysis, and intellectual inquiry. Students are expected to commit no less than four hours per week to the project. Prerequisites: Application approval.

Yearbook (Year, Grades 11-12)

This class is responsible for capturing the events of the current year in the creation of The King’s Academy Yearbook. The teacher serves as the advisor to the students who make up the Yearbook Staff. Each member of the staff will learn to assemble yearbook pages, develop photography, complete layout designs, and develop journalistic writing skills. The yearbook is produced online using Josten’s application, Yearbook Avenue. Students must be willing to take photos at school events for use in the yearbook and other school-wide publications, including the website. All staff positions are filled by application and acceptance by the current Advisor and editors. If accepted to the Yearbook Staff, the student may only drop due to schedule conflicts.

Non-Departmental Electives

Office Assistant (Year/Semester, Grades 7-12)

A leadership role where students work directly with administrative staff to accomplish a variety of tasks including the use of office copiers to print forms, filing, alphabetizing, delivering messages to classrooms and other office assignments.  General computer skills are desired. Excellent attendance is important. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade. Prerequisites: Maintaining a GPA of 2.5 and office staff/counselor approval.

Study Hall (Year/Semester, Grades 7-12)

This class may be chosen as an elective. No credit will be given for this class, and the student must have parental permission to enroll. Students are required to use this time to work quietly in the assigned classroom. Note: Private tutoring is not allowed during the school day at The King’s Academy.

Tutoring (Year/Semester, Grades 7-12)

TKA provides a unique opportunity for students to receive tutoring on campus A-G period during the school day. This class is an elective, and there is no extra cost. The Tutoring class is staffed by a teacher and peer tutors. The main focus of the class is to offer help in math and science. No credit will be given for this class. Note: Private tutoring is not allowed during the school day at The King’s Academy.

Information Technology (IT) Intern (Year, Grades 9-12)

The IT Intern will assist the IT Department with tasks such as user-related issues, maintaining printers and projectors, etc. Students interested in becoming an IT intern should be proficient in using the Google Apps for Education platform, have some knowledge of technology hardware, and have a demonstrated passion for technology.  The IT student intern will be expected to complete all tasks assigned to them in a timely manner and ask for help when needed. Customer satisfaction will be one of the points used to assess the student’s performance. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade. Prerequisites: Maintaining a GPA of 2.5 and IT Department approval. Notes: IT interns are strongly encouraged to work as a paid summer intern for the IT Department. 9th-grade interns may take this course for a semester.

Library Aide (Year/Semester, Grades 9-12)

Students will be trained to assist the library staff in the areas of book processing, circulation, collection development, display making, inventory, and shelving. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade. Prerequisites: Maintaining a GPA of 2.5 and Librarian approval.

Student Council (Year, Grades 10-12)

Members of the Student Council will develop leadership skills by taking responsibility for school activities.  They plan, organize, and run a variety of school events such as Homecoming, the school Carnival, and Spirit Week.  Decision-making skills and team-building skills will be developed and utilized. Be advised: This position is very time-consuming and includes hours outside of the school day. It is a major commitment for the year. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade.  Prerequisites: Application, active follower of Christ, and previous leadership positions (academic, athletic, or extracurricular).

Peer Tutor (Year/Semester, Grades 11-12)

A student can sign up to be a peer tutor to work alongside a teacher. The peer tutor helps fellow students by assisting them with math and science homework assignments and test preparation. The peer tutor works under the supervision of the teacher and receives a Pass/Fail grade. Prerequisite: Academic Support Director approval.

Teacher Assistant (Year/Semester, Grades 11-12)

Duties will vary with each teacher. Students will be trained to use office copiers to print and collate class materials and will assist with filing and other projects as needed. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade. Prerequisites: Maintaining a GPA of 2.5 and teacher/counselor approval.

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