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A New School Year Message from Principal Meadows

Dear TKA Community,

Another summer has come and gone. It is so hard to believe that, in just a little more than one week, school will resume, but it will; and when it does, we will be ready. One thing I love about a new school year is that we get to start all over again. Forgetting the past, we can begin anew. The summer gave us the gift of time to give our campus a much-needed facelift, finish building projects, and provide our staff time to recharge their batteries. This week, we are excited to welcome 19 new staff members to campus. God has been faithful in providing TKA with well-qualified educators who love Jesus and love teaching junior high and high school students. Read their biographies hereLet’s all dedicate ourselves to making the new school year the best ever!

One of the unique qualities of The King’s Academy is the focus that we place on spiritual development.  From setting apart time for retreats to the spring service trips, TKA has a wonderful reputation of developing enduring relationships with our students. As an administration, we will continue to stress the importance of building proper relationships between the staff and students. Staff members are still encouraged to take students to lunch or, with the late start on Wednesday, even breakfast. We will continue to have counselors on campus from The Wisdom Training Institute, and our new Campus Pastor, Rob Starke, will carry on the legacy of leading a strong spiritual life team. We are committed to keeping the focus on that which matters most, the development of each student's walk with Christ.

This year, our spiritual life theme is “Can You Hear Me Now?" Our students will be learning about the story of Redemption and how it is found in every book of the Bible. Join me in praying for a great year, and one in which our staff, students, and families discover more about who God is and how He is found throughout Scripture.

Lastly, we did a full upgrade on our campus wireless infrastructure this summer in preparation for the rollout of our one-to-one pilot program. We have hired a technology coordinator to come in and work with our teachers and have planned several parent nights during the year to focus on the need for good digital citizenship. We are excited about the ability this new program will give our students to be better prepared for the 21st Century. TKA will continue to teach the academic subjects and hold students to high standards while now allowing them to be more creative in their approach to demonstrate mastery of content.

I can’t wait to meet all of you in the next few weeks when you come to campus.  Remember that I always welcome meeting new parents and spending time talking about our programs.  Feel free to drop by my office, which is located behind the Main Office.

Posted by kriss.hayward on Friday August, 5, 2016 at 11:42AM

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Scott Meadows

Scott Meadows
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