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The Day After

This summer, my wife and our family traveled to England to visit relatives. Having been involved in politics in the United States, this was a new experience to witness British politics up close. All of the polling data leading up to the referendum indicated that Great Britain would remain in the European Union.  On the night of June 23, as the votes were tallied, we went to bed believing the polls. However, when morning came, we awoke to a new era in England.  Those in favor of leaving the EU were able to mount a stunning victory, garnering 52% of the vote. People in London were shocked.  How could this happen, they asked?  The British pound dropped almost 10% the next day. And for the next few weeks of our vacation, I had to listen to the moaning of Britons about what might have been, and the gloom and doom predictions of the opposition party.  Months later, we can see that all of the predictions were wrong.  England still remains a key player in Europe.  We are facing a very similar scenario here at home next week.
Years ago, I lived in Knoxville, TN.  Living in a college town in the Southeastern Conference is like no other experience, when it comes to football.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, wore orange-colored shirts on Saturday game days to show support for the University of Tennessee.  If you wore any other color, people knew you were an outsider.  People take their football very seriously in the SEC.  Upon entering any church on a Sunday following a game day, you could tell who won the game.  If the Tennessee Volunteers won, everyone was happy.  If they lost, the music resembled that of a dirge, and the service rivaled a funeral.  Life was over, at least until the next weekend.  I am afraid that the morning of November 9 will be very much like those fall Sundays in Knoxville.  Half of the nation will be in mourning, and the other half will celebrate the victory of their candidate.  As Christians, I think it is very important that we model the proper response to our families, neighbors, and our children.  Our response to such an important event will speak volumes to those who are watching us. 
Just as in Knoxville or in England, life will go on after the election.  Here are four things that I think we need to focus upon in the next ten days:

1.  God is in control.  He will not be surprised by the outcome of the election.  For those who believe in the sovereignty of God, do you not believe that our steps are still ordered by the Lord?  Our reaction should reflect this belief. 

2.  God can use a wicked king.  He used many wicked kings in Biblical times to bring about His bidding.  Nehemiah was helped in the rebuilding of the wall by the wicked king Artaxerxes. Esther was helped by an ungodly king,  Ahasuerus, when a plot was hatched to kill the children of Israel. If God is in control, whichever candidate is elected, and both choices are bad, God can use them for His purposes.

3.  Don’t define people around you by whom they vote for.  This election has been/is divisive.  We need to fight the “us vs. them” mentality.  We all want a great America, but some of us differ on what that looks like. 

4.  Things are not always what they seem.  I remember vividly when Sandra Day O’Connor was nominated for the Supreme Court.  She was Ronald Reagan’s pick, and therefore, she must be conservative.  In the end, she voted with the liberal wing far more often than the conservative wing of SCOTUS.  George H.W. Bush appointed David Souter, another supposed conservative, who ended up joining forces with the liberal justices more often than naught.  And lastly, George Bush picked John Roberts to be our Chief Justice, and he did not vote to overturn Obamacare.  Conservative presidents do not always pick conservative justices, and conservative justices do not always vote conservatively.

This election will test our Christianity.  Will we spew hate towards those who vote opposite our opinion?  Will we refuse to acknowledge the winner?  Will we set an example to our children that we will regret?  We are being watched.  Let’s all show the world that we have faith in our God, that He can use whomever is elected for His purposes, and that He is in control. 

Posted by Mrs. Kriss Hayward on Monday October, 31, 2016 at 06:58PM

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