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The Everlasting Gift

This really is my favorite time of year.  We just had Thanksgiving, the air has turned cooler, the leaves are turning to red and yellow, and Christmas decorations are everywhere.  I absolutely love it.

The other day, as I purchased something from Target, the cashier placed a Christmas catalog into my bag.  When I got home and found it, I was flooded with memories of my own childhood as well as early Christmases with our children.  When I was a child, my parents would let us take a catalog and circle all the things we wanted for Christmas.  My wife and I did the same thing with our four children. Now, we never promised to get them everything they circled, but it was fun to see each year what was most important to them.  In some ways, it has been sad to see our youngest begin to ask for more grown-up items (e.g. a cell phone), knowing she has outgrown the toy phase.

I remember one year that all I really wanted was an electric race car set.  When I got it, I was so excited! I tore open the package, I opened the box, found a spot, and put the track together.  For a good hour, I played with that race track.  And then, I put it away and never put it back together again.  Like so many toys over the years, I thought each one would bring me everlasting joy, but it didn’t.  Fast forward many years later, and as I buy gifts for my own children, it is the same old story: “Dad, just buy me this or that, and it is the last thing I will ever want!”  And then, as each child opens their gifts, history repeats itself.

We all know that possessions only provide limited happiness, but yet, we continue to seek after them.  The only real peace and happiness in this life comes in the form of a person, Jesus Christ.  My hope and prayer this Christmas season is that we remember that special gift that God gave us many years ago.  When God sent His Son down to the earth to be born in a manger that first Christmas, salvation came to all men.  As the angels sang, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will towards men” (Matthew 2:14). 

Of course, you are going to give gifts to your loved ones, and you should. Still, let’s not lose sight of what is most important: the person and work of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to share that gift with those around you this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

Scott Meadows
Principal, The King’s Academy

Posted by kriss.hayward on Thursday November, 30, 2017 at 10:39AM

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