Key Dates in TKA History



1991 Sept.

School opens at Union Presbyterian Church, Los Altos

1st Principal is Jack McBirney. Jack graduated from Stanford University in 1951 with an engineering degree but left engineering 13 years later to become a missionary.  After doing mission work in Newfoundland, he and his wife, Allegra, landed in San Francisco where Jack became the principal and founder of San Francisco Christian School.

1st School Board: Jack McBirney, Clif and Marilyn Davidson, Chris and Janet Haugen, Carol Morton, Paul Spates, Hank and Jeanette Voss, and Lincoln Westcott made up the original board. They elected Paul Spates to be the first Board President.

1991 Sept.

Home School Program Initiated (Later called ISP- Independent Student Program and then PSP for Private School Satellite Program.)

1993 April

1st  Mexico “Servant Safari” Trip:  The first Mexico trip was a crew of 27 led by Paul Spates during the second year of school at Union Presbyterian.  They built one house and held the first “Kid’s Club” for the Mexican children in the area.

1993 Sept

School moves to former Sunnyvale High School site. The old Sunnyvale High School campus was occupied by Westinghouse and a church.  When the church left, The King’s Academy moved in to part of the site.  A barbed wire barrier separated the area that was TKA from the area that was Westinghouse.  The students and staff started calling the area beyond the barbed wire “The Promised Land.”

1993 Spring

1st musical, The Music Man

1994 May

1st  Junior-Senior Banquet: This event was held at Dennis and Sharon Sheehan's home. The juniors wanted to put on a special dinner to honor the seniors.  This tradition continues today each spring but is usually held at a hotel.

1994 June

George Parsons becomes Dean of Students

1994 Fall

Acquired wings already named “T,K, A” from Westinghouse

1994 Fall

1st  boys CCS Championship team:  Varsity Boys Soccer

1995 May

TKA Mission Statement created: THE KING'S ACADEMY is a Christ-centered college preparatory middle and senior high school for students who have teachable hearts and coachable spirits. We offer a loving, family environment where students are encouraged to grow in their relationship with Jesus, their family, teachers, and others. We are committed to developing God's best for each student spiritually, academically, morally, and socially through every program and activity.

1995 June

1st graduation of regular TKA class (20 graduates)

1995 Sept

6th grade class added

1997 June

School accredited by ACSI and WASC

1997 Oct.   

1st Gala Fundraising banquet themed “God’s Fingerprints”

1998 July

Steve Truesdell begins as 2nd Principal. Steve was the vice-principal and football coach at Gunn High School and met the Haugens (founders) who were Young Life Leaders at Gunn. When Jack McBirney was ready to retire as principal, Chris Haugen asked Steve if he would consider applying for the job.

2001 Fall

10th  Anniversary of TKA and 5th TKA Gala: “Growing A Legacy”

2002 Fall

TKA Football Team Started:  The first play of the game was a 40-yard touchdown pass by TKA.  The head coach was Bob Sykes who was the JV coach at Saratoga High.  Of the 35 member squad, all but two of the initial players had never played contact football before.  The Knights finished with a 7-3 record in their first season of football.

2003 Jan

Dr. Rosé wins $20,000 prize for Pestilence course:  Dr. Jason Rosé, TKA Chemistry teacher, received a $20,000 prize for winning the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation curriculum competition, a national competition among high school teachers, for his course called “Pestilence and Civilization.”  This inter-disciplinary course studies the impact of infectious diseases on human history, such as the bubonic plaque and tuberculosis.

2003 June

The Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) were adopted during the second accreditation process in 2003. These are the only ESLRs the school has ever had.  While the ESLRs have not changed, the details of the original ESLRs were reviewed and updated during the 2009 accreditation process.

2003 June

2nd  Accreditation Awarded by ACSI and WASC

2003 April

1st TKA Tap Musical, 42nd Street:  According to the San Jose Mercury News, 42nd street is “TKA’s best play.”

2004  Oct

1st Girls CCS Championship:  Girls Cross Country

2005 July

Bob Kellogg begins as 3rd Principal. Bob attended Stanford where he received a BA in History and an MA in Education.  He seriously considered going into seminary right out of college.  He had been involved in Young Life as a volunteer leader at Gunn and Menlo-Atherton and served as a high school teacher and coach at Milpitas High School for 35 years.  


New Service Trips Added- Peru (2006), Kentucky (2007), Gulf Coast (2007), Malawi (2009), Los Angeles (2009), Japan (2010), San Diego (2011), Guadalajara-Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines (2012), Costa Rica (2013), India (2015), Guatemala (2015), Silicon Valley (2015)

2008 Oct.      

ACSI Exemplary Schools Recognition. The King’s Academy service trips to Mexico, Kentucky, and the Gulf Coast were recognized by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) as an Exemplary Program in 2008-2009 for Spiritual Enrichment and featured at the ACSI convention and in the monthly Christian School Education publication.

2009 June

ACSI and WASC Accreditations through June 2015

2009 July

25-year lease signed with Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD)
Junior high drama program added 

2009 August

New Stadium lights erected at football field

2010 August

TKA Enrollment reaches 900 students in Grades 6-12

2011 Jan

Dedication of Paul M. Spates Memorial Gymnasium


TKA Celebrates 20th Anniversary Year

2014 March

TKA Installs All-Weather Track (to replace original dirt track)

2014 October

"Rally for Quad" $875,000 Capital Campaign Results in New, Modern Quad and Lockers

2015 June

Scott Meadows begins as 4th Principal. Scott served as 7th-12th grade Principal and interim Assistant Superintendent at Christian Unified Schools of San Diego. Additionally, he was the Principal of Grace Christian Academy (grades 6-12) and Head of School at Campbell County Christian Academy, both in Tennessee. Prior to that, Mr. Meadows founded Aletheia Christian Academy in Pensacola, Florida.


TKA Celebrates 25 Years!

2015 June

Scott Meadows begins as 4th Principal

2015 October

Knights Legacy Fundraiser raises $182,000 for TKA technology, theater, and turf improvements as well as financial aid.

2015 November

Knights Brigade's first WBA Class A Championship (with repeated wins in 2016).

2016 August

New artificial turf installed on Kellogg Field.

2016 August

TKA launches new one-to-one technology pilot program with each 6th grader receiving an iPad and each 9th grader receiving a MacBook Air laptop.

2017 June

Tennis court project completed with 6 new courts.

2017 July

TKA signs a new 25 year lease with Fremont Union High School District which gives TKA a 10-year out clause starting this year.

2017 December

New artificial turf installed on softball field outfield and a new junior high multi-purpose field is created.

TKA Theater named Cabot Theater to honor the Cabot Family contribution to TKA's theater program.

2018 January

TKA's Board changed Scott Meadows' title from Principal to Head of School, to more accurately reflect his expanded duties which include developing relationships in the local community and fundraising to support TKA's strategic plan.

2019 January

New solar panel structure erected in front and back parking lot will bring electricity cost savings.

TKA takes over lease for B,D,F wings from Kindercare and starts renovations to turn buildings into classrooms and offices with plans to move out of all the portables in back of school.

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