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Feb 11-14: TKA SPIRIT WEEK!!
Posted 02/01/2019 09:40AM

LIVESTREAMING LINK HERE:  Thursday, 1:40-2:50 p.m.

Special schedule.  

Photos Here!

Here are the dress days:

Monday - Character Day 
Tuesday - Mathlete vs. Athlete
Wednesday - Decade Day

  • 6th grade - Future
  • 7th grade - Medieval
  • 8th grade - Old West
  • 9th grade - 20's-30's
  • 10th grade - 50's
  • 11th grade - 70's
  • 12th grade - 80's

Thursday - Color Day

  • 6th grade - Purple
  • 7th grade - Green
  • 8th grade - Light Blue
  • 9th grade - Pink
  • 10th grade - Orange
  • 11th grade - Red
  • 12th grade - Blue and Gold 

Students should prepare their costumes and bring their class spirit each day for some good ole' fun competition! We've asked your students to get FIG-GY with it. FIG-GYSPIRIT means Fun, Inclusive, God-Honoring!

Spirit Week Dress Code Guidelines

Inappropriate costumes (gruesome, skimpy, vulgar or disrespectful) are not allowed, will not be counted, and may be subject to dress code demerits.  

  • All modesty rules still apply!
  • Shorts, dresses, and costumes of any sort should adhere to the current dress code: No shorter than 6" above the knee – for girls or boys
  • No cross-dressing, dressing in opposite gender clothing
  • Boys may not be shirtless
  • No spandex shorts, pants or unitards may be worn – for girls or boys
  • Sleeveless tops may not be worn – for boys or girls
  • No pajama pants may be worn.
  • Hats may be worn as part of a costume but must be taken off while in class
  • All characters must be "family friendly", i.e. no Family Guy, Simpsons, or American Dad
  • Colored hair is allowed only on Monday and Thursday, "Character Day" and Color Day."

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