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Welcome from TKA's School Board

Dear Parents, Staff, and Friends of TKA,

On behalf of The King's Academy School Board, I would like to welcome you to the 2017-18 school year. For those families who are new to TKA, we are glad you're here, and we are grateful for the trust you have placed in us. For all our parents, both new and returning, it is a privilege to partner with you. It is our prayer that your students will be blessed by being part of TKA this year, and that they would be a blessing to those we will have the opportunity to serve, both locally and globally.

The mission of TKA is simple, just 17 words long: "The King's Academy is a Christ-centered school that inspires academic excellence, servant leadership, and enduring relationships." Even though the statement is concise, bringing it to life requires hard work, wisdom, and reliance on God's continuing provision and leading for TKA.

The King's Academy has been blessed with teachers, staff, and administrators who love God, and who want to see TKA's students grow in their faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Year after year, students and parents tell us that the most unique aspect of TKA is the relationship between our students and these diligent men and women. It is they who inspire academic excellence and servant leadership, and by doing so, they foster enduring relationships with, and between, students. Can we join together to ensure that 2017-18 is a year in which we continually encourage and support our teachers, staff, and administrators with our prayers, and with words of affirmation and encouragement?

As we start this new school year, we would be remiss if we did not take time to praise God for all the ways He has blessed TKA in this past year. A much-too-short list of examples:

  • In June, our lease with Fremont Unified School District was extended to 25 years, including a 10-year out-clause. This longer-term commitment by the school district gives TKA greater stability. Our Head of School, Scott Meadows, played the key role in working with the district to make this extension happen. We are grateful for Scott's leadership in this, and many other areas.

  • Thanks to God's provision and the generosity of the TKA community, we were able to make significant investments to improve our facilities. In the theater, we have upgraded the sound equipment and partnered with the school district to install a new air-conditioning system. We also completed the new tennis courts, and started projects to install solar panels and turf the softball field.  The softball field turf project will allow us to create a multi-purpose field that can be used by many of our junior high sports teams.

  • As the result of countless hours of hard work by parents, Board members, and staff, we completed TKA's first-ever Strategic Plan, which provides the roadmap for what we want to accomplish over the next five years. We are grateful for the work of Emily Cabot and Laura French in leading this process, and for the hundreds of you who provided feedback.

I could go on and on with many more examples, but the take-away is the same: we have enjoyed God's favor in so many areas.

Yet, with all these positive developments, our desire is that we could become even more effective in making TKA's mission statement a reality. We long for the TKA community to become more and more like Jesus, demonstrating greater servant leadership and a stronger commitment to love one another so that we can be salt and light in the Bay Area. As a school, we strive continuously to become more academically excellent, but without making academic achievement an idol. As a Board, we need God's leading and His provision so that we can be good stewards of TKA's resources and make wise decisions regarding tuition rates, facilities investments, and the salaries of our teachers and staff.

In addition to praying for Scott and our TKA staff, would you also pray for those of us who serve on the School Board? TKA's Board includes Betsy Atler, Emily Cabot, Laura French, Martin Gates, Jason Giles, Frank Kmak, Scott Meadows, Greg Niven, Julia Taylor, Stephen Tom, and me.  We consider it a privilege to be part of what God is doing in--and through--TKA. We need your prayer support as we wrestle with decisions and trade-offs, striving to make TKA's mission statement a reality.  

We are looking forward to another great school year.  May God bless us, challenge us, and grow us to become the Christ-centered school He desires us to be.

Partnering with you in this mission,
Kooper Frame
President, TKA School Board

Posted by kriss.hayward on Monday August 14, 2017 at 08:08PM
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