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TKA's 6th Grade Program

6th grade students at the private junior high school in Sunnyvale - The King's Academy

TKA's 6th grade program is very special and a cornerstone of The King’s Academy experience.  It is the start of a journey that builds relationships with peers and staff for seven years! Our students often speak lovingly, and longingly, of their 6th grade year - a year unlike any other private junior high school experience in the Bay Area. 

What Makes It So Special? 

First of all, 6th graders are adored by the other students on campus. They are especially mentored and loved by the seniors who give them a special welcome and serve alongside staff as home group leaders.

Plus, 6th graders have their own space on campus because all of the 6th grade classrooms are located together with a separate play area.

Finally, they are taught and mentored daily by a core of experienced 6th grade teachers who are dedicated to this age group. They begin each day with their 6th grade homegroup and take Bible, English, History, and Science classes with other 6th graders.  P.E. classes are also with only 6th graders but are divided by gender. Math classes are by placement level, therefore, 6th graders may be placed with students in other grades.

While our 6th graders have many exclusive activities for the purpose of bonding their class, they soon become very much a part of the whole school's spiritual life and co-curricular activities and experiences.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions About Sixth Grade for more information.

6th Grade Special Activities

  • Mission Springs Science Camp
  • Wax Museum
  • Chinese New Year
  • Spirit Week
  • Carnival

6th Grade Courses

Bible: Mastering Bible Study Skills       

This primary course takes students through the Inductive Bible Study methods. Students engage with the Bible through lessons, daily journals, weekly memory verses, and both individual and group projects. The goal of this course is for students to have greater understanding in studying the Word of God and a greater knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Students are also instructed on how to apply Scripture to their daily life choices, both at home and at school, including their interaction with their peers.

English Literature and Composition

This course is designed to transition students from reading comprehension at an elementary level to literary analysis at a junior high level. Throughout the year, students will be introduced to literary concepts such as characterization, theme, and foreshadowing. This course is also designed to complement the Ancient World History 6 class, with several novels set in ancient civilizations. In addition to reading, this course is also designed to give students a solid foundation in grammar, compositional skills, and understanding vocabulary. Throughout the year, students will study sentence-based grammar along with vocabulary, and, in particular, will learn Greek and Latin etymological roots. Composition is taught within the framework of literature, giving students not only a solid foundation in the fundamentals of written discourse but also challenging them to integrate the concepts of grammar and vocabulary into their writing.

  • Sixth Grade Math prepares students for success in General Math and Pre-Algebra. To that end, this course introduces students to most of the concepts that are taught in General Math, but in less depth and at a more relaxed pace.  Sixth grade students who complete this course will be on track to complete the standard college preparatory program.
  • General Math prepares students for Pre-Algebra. Basic mathematical concepts and skills are reviewed and reinforced including the study of: integers; rational numbers such as fractions; decimals; expressions and basic linear equations; ratios and percentages; angles and geometric figures; circumference and perimeter; surface area and volume; and probability. General Math does not count as a high-school college preparatory course, even if taken in high school. 
  • Pre-Algebra: In this course, students will study multi-step equations, linear equations, functions, radicals, integer exponents, congruent and similar figures, angle relationships, data analysis, volumes of solids, and applications of the Pythagorean Theorem.  This class is required for students who plan to take Algebra 1.
Earth Science

Sixth grade science is the systematic study of the Earth and how it works.  During the first semester, students focus on Earth science principles with units including the Earth’s history and how the Earth functions. In the second semester, students study water resources and space science.  Weekly labs are used throughout the year. iPads are integrated with the curriculum in order to provide access to online materials through Think Central. Other apps, such as Google Earth, are used frequently to help students visualize geologic concepts. 

Ancient World History

Study of ancient world history begins with creation and ends in Medieval Europe.  Since history is “His story,” students will be learning about how God has been faithful to man and shaped history within a biblical context.  Students will also study world religions in the context of their respective civilizations.  Simulations will help students experience the ideas we are presenting throughout eleven early civilizations.  “Hands-on” lessons will be the primary avenue through which student learning takes place.

Physical Education

The 6th grade physical education classes are separated by gender. Team sports and the Presidential Physical Fitness Test are the main priorities of the class.  The course objectives are twofold: first, that the student trains to pass the Presidential Physical Fitness Tests; second, that the student learns and is able to participate in a variety of team and individual sports such as soccer, wrestling, basketball, flag football, track and field, baseball, basic self-defense, and fitness. 


Students have one year available for elective choices. Semester choices are paired and cannot be changed at the semester break.

  • Speaking with Confidence (Semester) and Robotics (Semester)
  • Writing Exploration (Semester) and Discovering Art (Semester)
  • Theatre 6 (Semester) and Dance 6 (Semester)
  • Band 6 Blue Band (Year)

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