TKA Alumni Say It Best!

Hear Class of 2012 alumnus, Amir Pappu, speak about his TKA experience (3:02)

TKA expects great things from its students academically and relationally. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, students face challenges of the mind, heart, and spirit with confidence. Students know that their teachers expect a lot not only because they believe in students' abilities, but also because they are dedicated to equipping students with the tools to achieve tremendous growth. My time at TKA was an important stepping stone in my journey thus far, and I can’t wait to see how God will use and grow me next.
-Lisa Chaderjian, Class of 2011

As a former student, I can tell you that the most powerful witness I encountered at King's was simply when I got to observe a staff member living a life of intense love for Jesus that overflowed into service and love for students
- Jack Monaco, Class of 2018 

The faculty and staff at TKA genuinely care about, and build relationships with, their students. In this, they push for academic success but also personal growth. I owe the teachers of TKA for helping get me where I am today and helping shape me into the person I have become. Their love and care runs deep and impacts their students beyond high school.
- Paige Drake, Class of 2011

The King's Academy is truly a special school dedicated to doing God's work in the lives of its students. While this school sufficiently prepared me academically for college, the love of the whole staff prepared me spiritually. Through chapels, service trips, and day-to-day interactions with the teachers, it is clear to me that this is a body of believers seeking to glorify God with their lives, and accomplishing that through devotion to us students. 

I pray that the leadership of the school never deviates from always seeking God's will as they guide the King's Academy  forward. I hope that the apostrophe is always that most important part of our name. God has worked through the King's Academy for seven years of my life, and I can think of no greater blessing he has given me in my education and friendships. 
- Elsie Soderberg, Class of 2013

TKA gave me a launching pad to make my faith my own. Not only did I leave academically prepared but ready to take the faith I had witnessed at home and school and make it a personal relationship. I would not be able to work in law enforcement without the knowledge that we have an all powerful and loving God!
- Nicole Decker Barsoom, Class of 2007

Kings does so much more than prepare students for college.  While academics are obviously the main focus, I feel that I took things with me after I graduated that you can't get from public school.  Because of Kings, I have a better relationship with God.  I have a better way of looking at everything life hands to me, and I am deeply grateful for that.
- Gretchen Peterson Kiobasa, Class of 2003

King's taught me how to be curious about many things (I remember loving my Physics and English classes), but also to be able to keep focused on specific interests or requirements at certain times. King's taught me how to fail and to get back up with support, that you CAN get back up and keep swinging. The cool thing about King's is that there are uplifting people there who want to see you succeed and that was huge for me when I was young and very impressionable. I went from having a pretty awful GPA freshman year to doing relatively well the years after, thanks to a solid goal and the support of some very uplifting teachers and faculty. 
- Tom Posey, Class of 2005

TKA encouraged me to expand my boundaries.  After attending service trips to Mexico, Japan, and South Korea, my worldview broadened, and the desire to allow God to use me in any circumstance was seeded in my heart.  Thank you TKA for providing these trips to help me learn more about God's people.
- Ethan Canty, Class of 2011

King's provided me with a fantastic education, a great spiritual foundation, and friendships that continue to bless me to this day. I can't imagine having a better high school experience.
- Julie Handel, Class of 1998

The teachers I had were great, and there was an encouragement to get to know each student. I really enjoyed how the teachers showed they actually cared about their students. 
- Amanda Duba, Class of 2005

I've learned in college that my most valuable assets are the high-quality education, strong moral character, and developed leadership skills that came from relationships I had with students, faculty, and student life staff while at TKA. TKA encouraged me to be involved, passionate, and ambitious. Those three words describe the legacy that TKA leaves in each alum.
- Rosie Brown, Class of 2009
God used my time at TKA to have a permanent impact on my life.  I have no problem saying that if I hadn’t attended TKA, I would never have come so far.  Having attended both the University of Oxford and The King's Academy, I can honestly say that I learned far more at King's than at Oxford.My fondest memory is the closing night of “Where's Charley,” a tremendously enjoyable production, made possible by a VPA department, full of incredibly gifted and loving people.
- Edward Khouri, Class of 2013

King's was a place where I learned who Jesus was, how to live courageously, how to excel in all my endeavours and how to pursue my dreams with my full potential. I can confidently say I wouldn't be where I am (as a Flight Surgeon in the US Air Force) without The King's Academy.
- Henry Reynold, Class of 2006

This was a place where I really felt the teachers were here for the students.  They genuinely cared for me and my growth as a person and as a student
- Larry Witkovski, Class of 2004

Although at the time, TKA wasn't my favorite place to be everyday, looking back at my seven years at TKA, I've realized that TKA really isn't just a middle school or a high school. It truly is a community of family members in Christ, and every time I come back to visit, I see familiar faces and open arms welcoming me back home. Wonderful memories:  Every single moment of senior year! Senior escape, senior chapel, senior worship nights held by my classmates, graduation day and grad night!
- Vivian Jiang, Class of 2013

TKA impacted me in the most profound way. I grew up knowing who Christ was, but I truly came to know Him through a teacher at TKA. Finding spiritual life, and growing in spiritual maturity there has set the course for the rest of my life. My college experience demonstrated that TKA prepared me well for college and even intellectual pursuits beyond. I am so grateful for my 4 years at TKA!
- Mark Walker, Class of 2004

TKA gave me so many awesome memories and friendships. I grew close with not only my classmates, but the teachers who genuinely care about your well-being. A one of a kind school.
- Bethany Celio, Class of 2012

Kings was more than a school, it was a family.  The family groups and chapels were so much fun.  I loved 7-12th grade here!!  Wish I could do it all again!
- Angela Guidi Hernandez, Class of 2001
TKA has taught me tremendously about God and the importance of loving one another.  The passion and caring of each faulty member helps shape each student to be a good character and pass on God's love  to others.
- Bryant Lau, Class of 2012

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