Philippines Service Trip

(This trip is on hold for 2020.)


The Philippines Service Trip will take place in two different cities on the island of Luzon called Binmaley and Olongapo. The team will partner with Binmaley Foursquare church in Binmaley, Pangasinan and New Covenant Church in Olongapo city. Both of these areas offer opportunities to serve in a variety of capacities to meet physical and spiritual needs of the Filipino people. These areas demonstrate a stark contrast between the extremely wealthy and those who are very poor. There is no middle class. The primary outreach of the trip will be to serve the poor areas of the Philippines. The team will take part in things like food distribution, Children’s VBS, clothing distribution, going to a school to hand out gospel tracts and worshipping with other believers in more remote areas that cannot come to church. Just as when Jesus commissioned Peter to love Him by "Feeding sheep", students on the Philippines trip will get the opportunity to feed those in need both physically and spiritually.


The Philippines team will provide needed sustenance to the poor in the Philippines. Members of the team will have some of their limits tested as the climate and conditions are not as comfortable as they are used to in the United States. In these conditions, students will see how many people in this world live and "thrive" (as one team member from a previous year put it) despite having very little material wealth. Team members will have the opportunity to grow closer to God by observing and living around the conditions that many of the Filipino people live in every day of their lives. Students will develop a heart for the poor and understand God’s compassion for the poor. The team will also live out Matthew 25:39-41 and through scripture study and prayer, learn that what they do for the "least" of these, they do unto the Lord. Also, the students will be culturally immersed in the way of life of the Filipino people by interacting with the locals (going to the market to buy our food, cooking alongside of them, etc).

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