academic support DEPARTMENT

The Academic Support Department offers a limited range of support services for our students who have been diagnosed with a learning issue, a medical illness, and/or emotional issues. The resources we provide are to help equip the student for academic success. 

Academic Support Department

Staff: Full-time Director, Full-time Academic Support Coordinator - Junior High, Full-time Proctor
  • Create Individual Student Support Plans tailored to the student’s specific learning, emotional, physical needs
  • Meet  with student’s Educational Testing Evaluator
  • Monitor student’s progress
  • Make adjustments to schedule when necessary
  • Coordinate conferences between students/parents/teachers
  • Work closely with Academic Counselors
  • Offer private tutoring references
  • Offer specialized organization program
  • Provide standardized testing on site: certified proctor; application for extended time
  • Provide recommendations for psycho-educational testing
  • Offer remedial/developmental student workshops

Academic Support Accommodations

  • A quiet setting for taking tests and finals in the Academic Support Center
  • Proctor test and finals with 50% extended time
  • Use of laptops for written work
  • Access to calculators
  • Full-time expert staff 
  • Study guides for tests and finals
  • Spelling accommodations
  • Preferential seating
  • Peer note-taker

Academic Support Fees 

  • $750 annual fee payable by November 1.
  • Financial Assistance available upon request to the Business Office

Academic Support Resources

** Please note, in order for students to receive Academic Support Services, they must submit an educational evaluation that has been administered by a clinical psychologist within the past three years. Students who do not have up-to-date evaluations will not be given assistance through the Academic Support Department. Please contact Doreen Heenk for further questions:


Doreen Heenk
Academic Support Director 
(408) 481-9900 x4277 

Ronda Monroe
Academic Support Coordinator
Junior High

KJ Kingsolver
Academic Support Assistant

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