English Department

Department Lead: Liz Danielski (high school) and Sarah Zaldana (junior high), Co-Leads

Requirement:  Every Year

Courses Offered:  Read full 2020-2021 course descriptions here.

English Courses:  Curriculum Overview

English Literature & Textbook List By Course:  Review here.

English Department Philosophy

The ultimate goal of the English department is to inspire a love of literature and writing in students as they struggle with ideas that are fundamental to their human condition. Students have a responsibility to master reading, writing, speaking, and listening, not only to glorify God but also to communicate clearly in relationship with others. Students will learn how to discern truth in literature by being attentive to the various techniques and strategies authors use to evoke emotional and intellectual responses from readers. All literature will be evaluated according to the moral and ethical principles set forth in the Bible, and the worldview of the various authors will be compared with a biblical worldview.

English 6Hirota, Rachel
English 7Wetzel, Stephanie
English 7Vo, Cristine
English 8Zaldana, Sarah
English 9Wetzel, Stephanie
English 9 HonorsDanielski, Liz
English 10Stricker, Joshua
English 10 HonorsStricker, Joshua
English 10 HonorsSu, Victoria
English 11Park, Lisa
English 12Danielski, Liz
AP English Language & CompositionWu, Alice
AP English Literature & CompositionSu, Victoria
AP English Literature & CompositionWu, Alice
AP English Literature & CompositionPark, Lisa
Public Speaking and Debate (Sem)Tien, Stephanie
Junior High DebateTien, Stephanie
Speaking with ConfidenceDeGraaf, Abigail
Writing ExplorationTasker, Kirsten
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