Mathematics Department

Department Lead: Steve Weiss and Michael Wilton

Requirement:  3 years

Courses Offered:  Read full 2020-2021 course descriptions here.

Mathematics Courses:  Curriculum Overview

Math Department Philosophy

It is impossible for us to understand creation without God's gift of mathematics, for we would not have the means of measuring His world. Mathematics is a tool to help men rule over the earth under God. All callings in life demand planning, calculating, and evaluating in order to carry out God-given responsibilities. Mathematics plays an important role, whether it be in business, medicine, engineering, art, science, etc. Each student should thus master this wonderful gift to advance Christ's kingdom on earth.

The study of mathematics provides a useful platform for character formation. It provides opportunities to help students learn honesty, dedication, diligence, orderliness, obedience, discernment, carefulness, discipline, creativity, logic, patience (longsuffering), and persistence. The study of mathematics also provides opportunities for students to consider the nature of truth, the concept of the infinite and the use of reason in problem solving and decision making.

Math 6 Tien, Stephanie
General Math 6 Robinson, Brian
Pre-Algebra 6 Ling, Anne
General Math Robinson, Brian
Pre-Algebra Tien, Stephanie
Pre-Algebra Ling, Anne
Algebra 1 - HS Barna, Maryah
Algebra 1 - HS Doan, Jasmine
Algebra 1 - JH Doan,  Jasmine
Geometry Ling, Anne
Geometry Wilton, Michael
Geometry Honors Wilton, Michael
Algebra 2 Durbin, Taryn
Algebra 2 Honors Durbin, Taryn
Pre-Calculus Iacoletti, Fred
Pre-Calculus Honors Weiss, Steve 
Calculus Weiss, Steve
AP Calculus AB Barna, Maryah
AP Calculus BC Palm, Rick
Personal & Business Financial Math Robinson, Brian
Statistics Barna, Maryah
AP Statistics Palm, Rick
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