Science Department

Department Lead: Jason Rosé and James Terrell

Requirement: Three Years

Courses Offered:  Read full 2020-2021 course descriptions here.

Science Courses: Curriculum Overview

Science Department Philosophy

The Science Department is guided by the general principle that God created and sustains everything, and that the orderliness of the universe is a reflection of His character (Hebrews 1:2-3). We believe that the purpose of science as a discipline is to understand creation as a whole, which means encouraging students to look at the big picture and the underlying principles which are consistently seen in the world.

Each subject taught in this department is geared to focus on the specifics of that subject area and how they reveal the creativity and complexity of the Creator. As part of a Christian's call to be stewards of God's creation (Genesis 1:26) we will also strive to educate students on the applications and ethical implications of scientific knowledge. We believe that while scientific investigation is a means for uncovering truth, the fluid nature of the scientific process means that the state of our knowledge will be constantly changing and that we will always fall short of the complete understanding of reality that God has to offer us (Job 38: 1-7,18).

Science 6: Earth Science Peevyhouse, Jason
Science 7: Life Science Kingsolver, Maddie
Science 7: Life Science Ting, Elisa
Science 8: Physical Science Jan, Calico
Biology Terrell, James
Biology Park, Miyoung
Biology Honors Terrell, James
AP Biology Smithson, Scott
Physical Science Ting, Elisa
Environmental Science Smithson, Scott
AP Environmental Science Smithson, Scott
Chemistry Deng, Angi
Chemistry Honors Rosé, Jason
AP Chemistry Rosé, Jason
Physics Nitescu, Nick
AP Physics 1 Nitescu, Nick
Anatomy & Physiology Park, Miyoung
Pestilence & Civilization (Sem) Rosé, Jason
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