Social Studies Department

Department Lead: Christiana Kim

Requirement:  Four Years

Courses Offered:  Read full 2020-2021 course descriptions here.

Social Studies Courses: Curriculum Overview

Social Studies Department Philosophy

The mission of The King's Academy history department is to influence students in their knowledge, values and perspective of the world through an engaging environment. Our students will gain an understanding of the origins and interactions of mankind throughout history. They will learn to appreciate the diversity of culture and tradition. Our students will explore how the choices made in the past affect the present and the future. Most importantly students will evaluate the actions and belief systems of society in comparison with God's word. We will equip our students with the tools to build a biblical world view and a realistic and wise understanding of history.

Ancient World History 6 Lopes, Leanne
Geography & Medieval World History 7 Schoppet-Panzarini, Chris
US History 8 Lanning, Edward
Ancient World History 9 Murray, Spencer
Ancient World History 9 Joslyn, Stewart
Ancient World History 9 Honors Kim, Christiana
Ancient World History 9 Honors Murray, Spencer
Modern World History 10 Joslyn, Stewart
AP World History Kim, Christiana
US History 11 Vidovich, Ben
US History 11 Rychen, Dayna
AP US History Shieh, Jon
Government Vidovich, Ben
Government Shieh, Jon
AP Government & Politics Shieh, Jon
Economics Vidovich, Ben
Economics Honors Shieh, Jon
Intro to Psychology Park, Kyong Ha (Alex)
AP Psychology Park, Kyong Ha (Alex)


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