Visual and Performing Arts Department

Department Lead: Stacey Reed

Requirement: One Year

Courses Offered:  Read full 2020-2021 course descriptions here.

VPA Courses:  Curriculum Overview

P.E. Waiver: Read about available P.E. waiver for some students taking Performing Arts.

VPA Department Philosophy

The VPA Department seeks to glorify God as we foster an environment where students can discover and develop their God-given talents to the fullest. We share these talents not for our own glory but as a spiritual act of worship of our Creator. (Romans 12:1; Colossians 3:17; 1 Cor. 10:31).

Discovering Art - JH (Sem)   Anderson, Mark
Discovering Art - HS   Anderson, Mark
Advanced Art   Anderson, Mark
Independent Art Portfolio   Anderson, Mark
Ceramics (Sem)   Anderson, Mark
Intro to Digital Painting JH   Seguritan, Chris
Comp 3D Modeling with ZBrush   Seguritan, Chris
Digital Design & Animation   Seguritan, Chris
Digital Photography   Mata, Chrissy
Dance 6 (Sem)   Schoch, Ali
Beginning Dance Fundamentals   Reed, Stacey
Intermediate Dance - JH   Reed, Stacey
Advanced Dance   Reed, Stacey
Dance Workshop   Reed, Stacey
Theatre 6 (Sem)   DeGraaf, Abigail
Theatre 1   DeGraaf, Abigail
Theatre 2   DeGraaf, Abigail
Theatre 3   DeGraaf, Abigail
Band 6 (Year - Blue Band)   Bortz, Ryan
Band 7 (Gold Band)   Bortz, Ryan
Knights Brigade/Wind   Bortz, Ryan
Knights Brigade/Percussion   Bortz, Ryan
Jazz Band (Z period)   Bortz, Ryan
String Orchestra   Bortz, Ryan
Concert Choir - High School   Dedeaux, Lotte
Knightshine   Dedeaux, Lotte
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