Library Policies and Procedures for Students

Library Hours:  

The library is open on regular school days from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday; the library is open until 4:00 p.m. on Friday and any day preceding a non-school day.  Library hours on half-days and finals-days are from 7:45 a.m. until 30 minutes after the last bell.  The library may close on rare occasions without advance notice, if need arises. Students are encouraged to use the library before and after school, and during brunch, lunch, and pass-times between classes.

Library Resources: 

Library resources include approximately 14,000 volumes (print books, eBooks, videos, and audios), 25 print magazine subscriptions, 30 library online subscriptions with home access (username and password distributed by the library to current students), and 40 student computer workstations with filtered Internet access.  The main library has table seating for 56 students and 10 computer workstations; the library lab has 32 computer workstations.  Students are instructed in the use of library resources through grade-level information literacy lessons taught by the librarian.  Please contact Mrs. Christine Jensen, Librarian, at x4233 or for questions regarding the library and its resources.

Library Webpage: 

Please visit the Library Media Center webpage for information about the library and to access the library online catalog and library online subscriptions.  From our school website, click on Academics, then Library Media Center.  For direct access to the library collection, click on Quicklinks, then Library Online Catalog.

Library Accounts/Cards: 

All students have library accounts and are encouraged to use library resources.  To view your student library account, go to, click on Quicklinks, click on Library Online Catalog, click on The King's Academy Library, click on Login, enter student computer username and password, click on My Info.  Click Logout when finished.  TKA School Cards are used as library cards.  Parents of current students are encouraged to use the Parent section of the library and may borrow library materials from throughout the collection through their students’ library accounts; parents may also request parent library accounts.

Library Etiquette: 

Library use is a privilege and not a right.  Quiet library use and consideration for other library users are required at all times.  Disruptive behavior will end the student’s library visit.  A class is to wait quietly outside the main library door until the teacher leads the class into the library.  Food and drink are not allowed in the library, with the exception of water in closed clear containers.  The main library door is the only entrance/exit; the three other library doors are emergency exits only and are alarmed.

Library Materials Loans: 

All library materials are to be checked out before leaving the library.  Books are checked out for two weeks with overdue fines of 10 cents per school day.  There is a three-day grace period for the return of books on a two-week loan; however, if the book is not returned until after the grace period, the overdue fine is counted from the original due date.  Videos, audios, stack magazines, and vertical file materials are checked out for three days with overdue fines of 10 cents per school day (no grace period).  Up to five items may be checked out at one time.  Up to two renewals per item may be made online, with further renewals by request.  Up to two holds may be placed online, with further holds by request.  Selected reference materials, including closed-reserve and current-month magazines, are checked out for one period during the school day or overnight with overdue fines of $1.00 per school day.  Most reference materials are for in-library use only.  Overdue notices are issued weekly.  Disregarding overdue materials or unpaid fines will result in disciplinary action.  Payment is required for library materials lost or damaged. The library does not accept materials purchased by students as replacements for lost or damaged library materials.

Textbook Loans: 

Textbooks on loan are circulated by the library.  Please refer to Textbook Policy (Academic Information section).  Please contact the Librarian, Christine Jensen, regarding textbook needs.

Students on Library Passes: 

To be admitted to the library during a class period to use library resources for a school project or to take a make-up test in the library, a student is required to have teacher permission and a written library pass from the teacher.  The library pass is to be written in ink and is to include the student’s first and last name, date, time, and the teacher’s signature or initials.  The pass may be written by the student and then signed by the teacher.  Students are to sign-out from the library and return to class no later than five minutes before the end of the period.  

Reserved or Full Library: 

The library staff attempts to meet the needs of as many students as possible throughout the school day.  Even when the library is reserved for classes, students on library passes are allowed to use the library as long as there is room and the resources needed (e.g., computers) are available.  However, when the library is full to the point that additional student needs cannot be met, individual students are required to return to class via their passes.  This may occur immediately upon a student’s arrival at the library if it is obvious that his/her needs cannot be met at that time.

Library Computers: 

Student computers in the main library and the library lab are for school project use only (no web surfing, social networking, personal emailing, games, etc.).  These rules apply during all library hours, including all class periods, breaks between classes, and before/after school.  Students in the library with a reserved class have priority use of the computers.

Library Copier: 

Up to twenty-four copies of one sheet may be made on the library copier.  Twenty-five or more copies of one sheet are to be made in the school office.  Students are charged 10 cents per copy.  Payment is required at the time that the copies are made; students are not allowed to incur copy debts.

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