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Students at The King’s Academy organize and participate in a variety of special interest clubs. The nature of the clubs varies from sports and language interests, to art and spiritual interests, to academic and technical interests. At TKA, clubs are initiated by students each year.  A student must first secure the support of a staff sponsor in order to charter a club. 

Note to Current TKA Families: Current TKA students and parents can find a complete list of current clubs, including the names of the student leader and staff sponsor along with meeting times/locations, in the Portal on the Forms/Resources page in the "Student Clubs" folder.

The King's Jesters Club

These are some of the Student Clubs that have been organized in past years.

3-D Printing Club

To bring students who are interested in 3-D printing together to learn more and develop their skills.

TKA Ambassadors

The TKA Ambassadors Club exists to provide TKA shadow hosts with training for and encouragement in their roles as TKA ambassadors to prospective students.  Training includes role-playing and shadow de-briefs.  Periodic celebrations for ambassadors.

Anchored Club

To provide a place for any student to come learn more about God, grow deeper in their faith, be built up in a Jesus-seeking community, pray for requests and give praise for answered prayers.


The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for students to play badminton, as well as introduce the game to those who are interested in learning.

Big Sister, Little Sister Club

The goal of this club is to bring junior high and high school girls together to grow as women in Christ.  We will do this through encouragement, one-on-one bonding, and fun activities.

Board Game Club

The purpose of this club is to create long-lasting friendships through teaching and playing various board games.

Book Club

To encourage students to create a habit of reading for fun, to facilitate their pursuits in the academic world, and to grow knowledge in many aspects of God’s creation. 

Brandon Sanderson Fantasy Book Club

To promote discussion with students who enjoy fantasy and science fiction novels, specifically the series written by Brandon Sanderson.

Bridge Club

This club aims to promote the game of bridge and help each other improve strategy and ethical play.

Business & Investment Club

To prepare students for financial life, spread the importance of financial education, and encourage students to develop a business mindset.

Chamber Music Club

The CMC is a Christ-centered club that inspires young musicians to serve their community through God’s gift of music and strives to create a safe environment for academic growt

Chess Club

The purpose of this club is to build enduring relationships and exercise our logic and thinking skills through playing the game of chess.

Coding and Game Design Club

The purpose of this club is to help students develop programming skills while working for the glory of God.

Digital Humanities Club

To interest students in the field of digital humanities and to bring together students with similar interests.

Culinary Club

The purpose of this club is to appreciate different cuisines, express ideas, and explore different cultures.

Endangered Species Club

This club will inspire people to help conserve God’s creation.

Film Appreciation Club

This club will create enduring relationships through constructive communication about the Christian film industry.

Football Club

To help create enduring relationships through a common interest in football.

French Club

This club will provide opportunities for students who are interested in French language and francophone cultures to broaden their understanding of both and to practice their language skills with others.

Handmade for Service Club

The purpose of this club is to share the love of Christ with others through handmade arts and crafts.

Hip Hop Dance Club

To introduce a new perspective of hip hop dance for those who want to learn.

Human Rights Club

The Human Rights club aims to connect students and inform them about human trafficking and basic human rights abuse around the world.

International Thespian Society

The purpose of this club is to give students a place to exercise their God-given artistic talents.  We will cultivate these gifts and exercise them through assisting the school’s theatrical endeavors.

King's Jesters

The King’s Academy Jesters is a traveling theatre group devoted to sharing God’s love and the love of acting with children in our neighborhood by performing at local elementary schools.

Knights Spirit Club

To unify and fortify school spirit so that the greater TKA community may witness Christ in us.

KPOP Dance Club

To bring together students who share a common interest in Korean pop culture.

Linguistics Club

To explore world languages, NACLO (North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad) problems and presentations.

Math Club - Jr. High & High School

This will be a loving environment where students can come to have fun with friends while solving math problems or getting help from others.  Will also participate in math competitions.

Model Making Club

To create enduring relationships through the building of plastic models.

Multicultural Club

The purpose of this club is to facilitate God’s best for every student while learning about different cultures and creating a place that encourages others.

Neuroscience Club

To educate students about the nervous system in hopes of helping to prevent neurological diseases.

Pen Spinning Club

To create and strengthen relationships through a shared interest in the hobby of pen spinning.

Photography and Art Club

The purpose of this club is to develop skills, promote friendships and inspire creativity.

Ping Pong Club

The purpose of this club is to build relationships through the game of ping-pong.

Product Design & Engineering Club

To provide opportunities for students who are interested in designing products to explore God’s creation and strengthen relationships while helping the world through design.

Prospective Surgeons of America Club

To foster education of the surgical field in career, research and education through lectures, labs and events.

Red Cross Club

To provide opportunities for leadership and to raise awareness for those in need.

Robotics Programming Club

To introduce students to the world of robotics programming in a fun learning environment.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Club

To create enduring relationships through a shared interest in sci-fi and fantasy.

Spikeball Club

To introduce spikeball to students that do not know how to play and to form friendships while having fun playing the sport.

Tea Social Club

To encourage community through tea socials.

Tennis Club

To play tennis and sharpen skills.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The purpose of this club is for interested students to have an opportunity to play and improve their ultimate Frisbee skills.

United2Care Club

To help people all over the world by improving health conditions through health awareness.

Video Game Club

The purpose of this club is to form new and lasting relationships with others in the gaming community at TKA.

Volleyball Club

A student-led organization that teaches students the fundamentals of volleyball while building lasting relationships with fellow athletes. 

World Animations Club

To create enduring bonds and make connections between people who enjoy anime.

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