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Vocal Music Opportunities at TKA

Students who enjoy singing have a myriad of opportunities to receive vocal coaching, to gain performing experience, and to express themselves musically.  We offer a mixed choir, The King’s Chorus, for students in grades 7-12, that is a non-audition group. The King's Chorus sings at three concerts throughout the year as well as take part in other events. Students in grades 9-12 who really love to sing and dance can audition for a small select ensemble called "Knightshine."

Physical Education Waiver for Visual and Performing Arts Students – For students who intend to participate in Visual and Performing Arts Dance courses, The King's Academy will make available a waiver for one (1) semester of Physical Education during the 9th - 10th grade years to allow for continuity in VPA courses. This waiver will be available each year during 9th - 10th grade if the student is enrolled in a World Languages course.  The waiver is applicable at The King’s Academy only and is not transferable to other schools, should the student transfer.

The King's Chorus - Mixed Chorus (7-12)    

This mixed choir is for all students who enjoy singing and seek vocal development.  Students will develop the ability to use their vocal cords properly in singing and projecting the voice in an effective way.  Music fundamentals will be taught through this class.  Students will perform a variety of choral music, such as contemporary worship songs, acapella, gospel, pop, musical theater, and classical pieces.  This class will perform at least three times during the academic year. Class fees apply. *Meets UC eligibility.

Knightshine (9-12)                                                     

This course is for the serious performing arts student who enjoys combining their vocal and choreographic talents. The focus of this class is on advanced performance utilizing creativity, technique, versatility, stage presence, ministry, professionalism and team building.  This course is designed to prepare students for future opportunities in performance and allow them every opportunity to grow as a young artist.  Students will be required to perform a variety of choral music, such as gospel, pop, acapella, musical theater, and classical pieces throughout the year. Notes: Admission is determined by audition. Dance shoes are required. Class fees apply. *Meets UC eligibility.

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