Knightshine Singing National Anthem (June 2017)
Knightshine Testimonials

For me, Knightshine will always hold a very special place in my heart. The world of show choir by itself is something so unique, but Knightshine is something priceless. This is because we are not just a choir, but a family, who is bound together by a deep love of music and an ultimate purpose to share the message of Christ's love to other choirs who watch us preform. Knightshine was my support group, my outlet after a long day of academics, my passion, and my group ministry. It is so fulfilling when we hear that another choir recognized and appreciated the message of our competition set, and to know that it's not only our fabulous gold sequins that "shine" in Knightshine. (Class of 2014)

What people have been saying is so true. Knightshine is a truly special place with a home-y feel. We are all strangely connected by a shared love of singing, dancing, and giving glory to God. I loved that our set lists are always surrounding the gospel. There's something beautiful and fun-loving about sharing the gospel at competitions in the form we have battled so strongly to perfect, but in the end, giving it to God and trusting that He'll make the outcome wonderful while being surrounded by those you've struggled through choreography and harmonies with. For me personally, I don't think it comes as a surprise that I'm obsessed with Knightshine. If someone gave me the opportunity to be in it again, I definitely would. It was the perfect outlet for me to express myself. Let loose whatever's happening in the world, put on the world's cheesiest, but genuine smile and do what I love with people I love in front of the God that we love. (Class of 2013)

Knightshine has impacted my life, and now going in to my third year after graduating, I can see many of the impacts I did not necessarily realize while I was there. Knightshine wasn't just a show choir, it was a family. This family was there for me in some of my toughest times. When I was experiencing some medical problems, it was the members of this group who came alongside me in love and support. This group challenged me spiritually. They showed God's love not only to me, but to the community around us. Some of my favorite memories from high school were travelling with this group, singing for elderly homes or elementary schools. I saw these members extend the love of Christ to others, and we had multiple people ask us about our faith. We were able to share this with others to topics beyond this life on earth. It was a great testimony to others, but it also taught me so much. (Class of 2012)

Our competitions and advances not only made us better performers, but better friends. We became a family that would encourage and care for one another. God used us a light to minister to Sacramento all the way down to LA. I can say with complete certainty that Knightshine changed more lives than any other class at the King's Academy. (Class of 2013)

Being part of making Knightshine into a competing show choir was an absolutely formative part of my high school experience. There were challenges, set-backs, and many naysayers but we made our dream a reality. I still find myself using many of the leadership skills and lessons I learned through my two years in Knightshine on a regular basis. Knightshine is an amazing family and I'm so proud when I come back to King's and see how much they have grown. To be part of something bigger than yourself is truly a humbling experience. (Class of 2011)

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