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What is TKA's Device Acceptable Use Policy?

Why did TKA chose Apple devices?  

Having visited many schools that have made this transition, the most successful schools are using Apple products. Apple holds a significant lead in the educational arena, and for a good reason. No other brand focuses on the education market quite like Apple. Apple is fully committed to developing educational software that enhances student learning.  From developing the best e-readers, e-books, and hardware that rarely has problems with viruses, Apple products just work better for students and last longer. While TKA is committed to the Apple products TKA also uses the Google product, G Suite for Education.

What accounts for the increased student fee for the grades that receive devices?

This fee will cover much more than the actual devices being issued to students. It also covers added wireless access points, increased bandwidth, and regular teacher training in best practices for integrating technology into teaching with the devices.  The additional infrastructure upgrades, along with more IT support, are the main reasons for the increase in the student fee.  Thanks to the generous donations from our school community, we were able to keep the increase to a minimum. The increased fees apply only to the grades that are actually receiving the devices even though everyone will benefit greatly from the expanded wireless access.

What filtering mechanisms are in place on the devices?

TKA has a web filtering system in place on the school-issued devices which allows TKA to monitor student activity on the internet and block websites that do not comply with TKA’s values and beliefs. This block applies on campus, as well as at home, and on any other network on which the device may be connected.

Will TKA provide protective covers for these devices?  

TKA provides protective cases for the iPads only.  Parents are encouraged to purchase protective cases for the MacBook Airs.  Students at this age really enjoy the individuality that comes with their own personalized cover.

Who do we go to if the device is not operating properly?

For any technical issues, please email help.desk@tka.org. Someone from the IT department will respond to you shortly. If the issue is hardware related, IT will recommend taking the device to a certified Apple Store for repair. Macbooks are covered for one year under the manufacturer warranty. For iPads, TKA purchases Apple Care+ for three years. If the device fails after the warranty expires, it is the parent's responsibility to pay the cost of fixing the device. We recommend purchasing Apple Care+ from Apple to cover the device for additional years.

What if the device is lost or stolen?

TKA is not responsible for any lost devices or theft of devices on campus, e.g. devices left in unlocked locker, area, or vehicle or unsecured book bag. Please report the loss or theft of a device to Magdy Abadir, Director of IT.
Every student will be issued a new charger and cable which they will keep all the time they are a student. We do not supply replacements for lost, damaged or failed chargers or cables. If replacement is necessary, a genuine Apple product must be purchased. If a third party, non-genuine Apple device was used and caused damage to the computer, replacement or repair will be the responsibility of the parent.

What about insuring the device?

Device insurance can be purchased online if the family’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance does not offer coverage.

What if a student withdraws from TKA before graduation?

If a student withdraws from TKA before graduation, parent agrees to return the device in good working condition or pay the balance of the fees to keep the device.

What help can you give parents on setting boundaries?

TKA will offer seminars and a variety of resources to our parents about how to help students use technology responsibly at home.  Many adults grew up in a different environment where the biggest threat to time management for children was the T.V. Today, with the multitude of portable technology devices in our homes (smart phones, laptops, tablets), our parents want to know how they can protect their children from online predators, how to block websites, and how to add filters to home networks. Like teachers, parents need support in learning best practices for living in the digital age with a teenager. TKA wants to partner with you.  Stay tuned for more announcements about upcoming parent seminars and check TKA’s Parent Resource webpage to see resources listed under “Creating Digital Citizens Connected to Him.”

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TKA Recognized as Common Sense School

Common Sense Schools are committed to deep implementation of the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum.  Earning the Common Sense School badge is a symbol of a school's dedication to helping students think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create, and participate.

Learn more about criteria for recognition as a Common Sense School.


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