Private School Satellite Program

The King’s Academy Private School Satellite Program (PSP) provides support for homeschooled families with children in grades K-12. The basic program includes academic record maintenance, legal coverage, curriculum selection assistance, group activities, and one-to-one consultation with experienced leadership. PSP students are on The King's Academy affidavit.

PSP students in good standing are welcome to participate in TKA extracurricular activities and may also enroll in TKA courses on campus as “selected class” students. Extracurricular activities include Junior-Senior Banquet, TKA grade-level fall retreats, and the Tecate service trip (high school only).  To participate in high school athletics, PSP students must be enrolled in 20-semester credits of classes at The King’s Academy. 

PSP will begin accepting 2020-2021 applications on February 3, 2020.  The deadline for application submission is June 1, 2020. Late applications accepted on a case-by-case basis.

  Download the 2020-2021 PSP brochure   

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have a specific requirement for parents?

Yes. Since The King’s Academy PSP is a Christian school, the teaching parent must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Can we belong to a Charter school and also join TKA PSP?

No. By California law, students can only be enrolled in one school.  This means that students cannot be enrolled in The King’s Academy PSP and at the same time be enrolled as a full-time student of record in another school such as an online school, a charter school, another PSP, or a family’s Private School Affidavit.

Can families with two working parents still homeschool?

It is possible, but not typical, to have two working homeschool parents.  In a homeschool family, students must have teacher supervision and should not be left home alone during school hours.

What paperwork do I need to turn in?

The parent is the head teacher and is responsible for submitting academic paperwork (i.e. attendance, report cards, textbook lists, and semester summaries of work accomplished) to our PSP office.  Students may take classes from outside teachers or tutors who can help with paperwork, but the parent is still responsible for submitting the paperwork to our PSP office.

Will my student be able to apply for college?

Yes.  PSP students get accepted to colleges such as the UC system, but the college application process and requirements are different for homeschooled students. 

Can PSP students participate in sports at TKA?

Yes.  To play high school sports at TKA, a student must be enrolled in 20 semester credits of classes at The King’s Academy. However, participation on TKA athletic teams is not guaranteed, and students must tryout to make the team roster.

Private School Satellite Program Athletic Fees

PSP Junior High Student


PSP High School Student


PSP High School Football

$400 plus additional fees, e.g. team dinners

Late Fee


  • There will be a $50 Late Registration Fee for any student who does not register during the two-week enrollment period and wishes to participate in that corresponding season's sport.


Does the TKA PSP provide curriculum?

The PSP provides assistance in selecting curriculum.  However, families are responsible for choosing and purchasing their students’ curriculum.  

Is PSP tuition refundable?

PSP tuition is non-refundable once the school year begins. 

Does the PSP offer standardized testing?

The PSP offers standardized testing every spring.

Does the PSP offer field trips?

The PSP offers a variety of field trips for K-12 depending on interest.

Why is the high school registration cost higher?

The higher high school registration costs cover additional services provided for PSP high school students.  Some of these services are:

  • Creating and maintaining high school transcripts
  • Providing individualized high school planning
  • Sponsoring college workshops
  • Coordinating junior college dual enrollment
  • Issuing work permits
  • Coordinating with the DMV to issue driver education and behind-the-wheel training certificates
  • Coordinating activities with the full-time program such as AP and PSAT testing
  • Coordinating Cap and Gown graduation and senior activities
  • Coordinating extracurricular activities with the full-time program
Kathy Young
Director & Registrar
408.481.9900 x4331


Liz Shimada
PSP Administrative Assistant
408.481.9900 x4278
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