Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life staff models and supports both classroom and campus-wide relational ministry that glorifies God, communicates biblical truths, presents the gospel, and disciples students. 

What Makes This Christ-Centered Academy in Silicon Valley Different?

Although The King's Academy places high value on academic excellence, it differs from other schools in that everything at TKA is designed to bring students closer to God, to create strong relationships between students and staff, and to build Christian servant leaders.

The entire student body has daily opportunities to mature spiritually through home groups, retreats, chapels, clubs, peer groups, mentoring and service.

Spiritual Life Theme
"Who do YOU say I am?"

This year, our Spiritual Life theme is “Who do you say I am?” taken from Luke 9:20. This is the story where Peter proclaims who Christ is. We will study the "I am" statements made in the book of John as well as other stories about who God is in Scripture. Our hope is to encourage Christian students to own their faith and to challenge non-Christian students to consider the claims of Christ.

Luke 9:20 (NIV) “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “God’s Messiah.”

Campus Ministries

Junior High and High School Chapels

The King’s Academy provides separate chapel experiences for our junior high and senior high students. At chapel, students pray together, sing together, and worship God together. Through chapels, students learn to apply Christian principles to the real issues they face, such as peer pressure and family conflicts.  Weekly chapels focus on worship and hearing engaging messages based on the word of God from staff, alumni, local youth pastors, and guest speakers. Chapel worship teams are comprised entirely of student musicians and vocalists. Chapel is followed by a special home group time for discussion.

Daily Home Groups

All the programs and events planned by Spiritual Life are designed to build relationships between staff and students, between students and peers, and ultimately between our students and the Lord. The ethic behind all campus ministry is an understanding that small investments over long periods of time reap great rewards. This is why we call it "Relational Ministry." Home groups are organized by gender and grade, led by a staff facilitator. The goal of home groups is to create a safe, loving, relational environment where students have fun, engage with one another, attend to daily announcements, and share in brief moments of spiritual focus such as prayer, devotion, testimony, etc.  Students meet with their home group in the morning to start the day on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  On Thursdays, home groups meet for 20 minutes following chapel to discuss the chapel message.  Wednesday is a late start (10:00 a.m.) school day, so there are no home group meetings.

All School Clubs 

How to describe a TKA Club? Spirited, loud, zany, unexpected, crazy, creative, hilarious, fun! Club is when our entire student body comes together for an exciting time, which fosters community and school spirit. Club is a celebration of God’s love for us, and yes, there is usually a joyful noise! Club activities include sports rallies, games, competitions, music, video, and live performances.

Spiritual Life Staff

Spiritual Life Media