Service 2020-2021

Servant Leaders in Action!

A servant’s heart is the essence of Christ-centered leadership...

Please be in prayer that we would be able to continue our legacy of service in the name of Jesus Christ.


 At The King's Academy, servant leadership is one of the key elements of our mission: The King’s Academy is a Christ-centered school that inspires academic excellence, servant leadership, and enduring relationships. 

At TKA, we believe service is at the very heart of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. For TKA, the goal of service is not to go somewhere and simply perform a service, but rather to engage in the full experience of service and to return having been transformed into a servant leader for life. Even during the pandemic, our students found ways to serve others. Below are a few recent examples of servant leadership in action.

Service is a critical component of TKA's educational experience, and all high school students at The King's Academy are required to complete service hours annually as part of their graduation requirements. We find ourselves in a unique situation for the 2020-2021 school year with regard to service. The experience will be different this year for many but no less valuable.

Types of Service

There are many ways for TKA students to serve despite the various restrictions in place. We will actively be looking for ways, both in-person and online, that students can participate in local volunteer opportunities. STUDENTS: There will be bi-weekly service opportunity updates, in the FACTS Family Portal Announcements and in the Friday Royal Reminders, indicating pre-approved volunteer organizations. that students can serve to obtain volunteer hours. Students will be responsible for contacting organizations and arranging their volunteer times. If a student decides to serve with an organization that is not on the pre-approved list, please send these approval requests to

Service Trips in 2020-2021

As a result of the ongoing pandemic and the resultant restrictions on gatherings and travel, The King's Academy has had to cancel our 2021 service trips. Developing servant leadership is still a central element of our vision, and serving others in the name of Jesus Christ remains our passion. Our prayer is that the spread of the virus will slow, or even cease, in the coming year, so  we can resume our service to our local community and beyond.

Service Requirements for the 2020-2021 School Year

Because service continues to be an element of who we are as a school, we are still asking our students to be creative and innovative in finding ways to serve others. To make this realistic in our current situation, the hours we ask our students to devote to serving others have been considerably reduced. At this time, we are requiring each of our high school students to serve at least 15 hours. (This is a reduction in service hours for 11th and 12th grade students from 25 hours communicated in the fall.)  

  • Current 9th -12th grade students will complete 15 volunteer service hours.  (Updated 1/14/2021)This is reflected in each student's FACTS account, where every student was given a credit of 20 hours.

We reduced the number of required service hours for every high school student from 35 hours to just 15 hoursThis is reflected in each student's FACTS account, where every student was given a credit of 20 hours.

We have also relaxed some of the criteria that govern how those hours are served in order to make serving in the midst of the pandemic easier. 


TKA is now using the MobileServe online application to log and approve service hours for all high school students. After a student logs hours in the MobileServe account, a representative of the volunteer agency will sign off on the hours that the student worked. The student will receive an email confirmation once the hours are approved. TKA students were sent individual invitations to join MobileServe on 9/17/20. If you can not find your activation email, please download the MobileServe app on your phone or access on your computer browser, click login, and then click forgot password. This will generate another email invitation to join.  You must log in with your TKA email address.

Eligibility Requirements for Service

If a student decides to volunteer in an organization not listed with TKA or serve in another way, prior approval is required to guarantee hours will be counted. Because TKA is a Christ-centered school, the Service Select opportunity must be with a Christ-centered organization and meet a minimum of two of the following four criteria to qualify for service hours:

  • The recipients have a material need
  • There is a relational component
  • Students are serving across economic, geographic, or ethnic groups
  • Students are choosing to be out of their comfort zone


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Campus Pastor, Rob Starke at

Servant Leaders in Action!

Juniors, Krystal Curtis and Abby Kong were inspired by TKA French teacher, Mrs. Denis, who works with a  ministry called "Revive Our Hearts" and helped create a website for the ministry in French, "Reveille Nos Coeurs." The girls created this beautiful document in French to share a Bible study about Abigail on the French ministry website.

TKA Mandarin and Spanish students helped Hope's CornerView the Hope's Corner Facebook post thanking the students for their service.

Spanish Honor Society Serves

TKA Spanish Honor Society created a Thanksgiving video message for San Miguel students.

Serving During the Pandemic

TKA 3D Printing Club Makes Face Shields for Hospitals

During spring break, TKA students printed 3D printed face shields and sewed cotton masks from home. These 6th to 11th graders and alumna have made more than 400 pieces of PPE which have been sent to Kaiser San Jose, Kaiser Santa Clara, and the San Francisco Chinese Hospital. Contributing "How to" youtube videos, sharing their knowledge of 3D printer, donating extra materials, and making beautiful cotton masks, we are so grateful for the teamwork of the TKA community to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

TKA Students Dedicate "The Prayer" to Heroes Fighting COVID-19

TKA Juniors Aaron, Abigail, Phil and friend comprise Quartet Cantare. "Our quartet's mission has always been to communicate and comfort others through the universal language of music. Previously, we have played at fundraisers, as well as many concerts for the special needs community. We dedicate this piece, The Prayer, to the heroes who fight against COVID-19. We hope that our music can bring you peace and joy during these tough times." Quartet Cantare "The Prayer"

Listen and be blessed! (4.04)

TKA Juniors Play Music for Neighbors

Phil Wong (11th grade) and Aaron Hsia (11th grade) live three houses apart on the same street. They recently joined together to play music for the whole neighborhood, bringing some unexpected joy to neighbors sheltered-in-place!

TKA Students Create 5 Virtual Kids Club Videos for San Miguel Elementary!

TKA students continue to create content for local San Miguel Elementary's Kids Club. Kudos to Chetan, Ellice, Hannah, Robbie, Tiffany, Samuel and advisor, Mrs. Julie Young! This is outstanding work and above-and beyond service to share the light of Christ with our local students! Por favor mire estos videos!

Virtual Kid's Club