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Please be in prayer that we would be able to continue our legacy of service in the name of Jesus Christ.


 At The King's Academy, servant leadership is one of the key elements of our mission: The King’s Academy is a Christ-centered school that inspires academic excellence, servant leadership, and enduring relationships. 

At TKA, we believe service is at the very heart of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. For TKA, the goal of service is not to go somewhere and simply perform a service, but rather to engage in the full experience of service and to return having been transformed into a servant leader for life. 

Service is a critical component of TKA's educational experience, and all high school students at The King's Academy are required to participate in TKA's Annual Service Week.

Service Week 2021 - 2022

During the week of April 8 - 15, 2022, TKA students, staff, and parents will be traveling to a variety of destinations including Kentucky, Los Angeles, the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and Tecate, Mexico.  Local opportunities will include serving with Reach Potential, Teen Challenge, and CityTeam Ministries. 

Service Requirements for the 2021 - 2022 School Year

Beginning this year, students will be required to participate in our annual service week in a full time capacity.  Service week is an academic week on our school calendar, and as such, we expect all high school students to attend. We will be implementing a three tiered program for service where parents will select an appropriate service opportunity for their child.  The first tier would require your student to travel on a TKA trip with TKA staff as well as TKA parents, the second tier would require your student to serve locally with TKA staff, and the third tier would allow your child to serve with your local church during service week.  

Eligibility Requirements for Service with Your Local Church

  • Service must occur during TKA's Service Week
  • The Church must be Christ centered
  • There is a spiritual component to the service
  • There is a relational component to service
  • The recipients have material needs
  • Students are serving across economic, geographic, or ethnic groups
  • Students are serving outside their comfort zone


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Donna Quant, Service Outreach Coordinator or  Campus Pastor, Rob Starke at

Servant Leaders in Action!

A servant’s heart is the essence of Christ-centered leadership...