Service 2022-2023

Servant Leadership in Action

Service Week 2022-2023

Service is a critical component of TKA's educational experience, and all high school students at The King's Academy are required to participate in TKA's Annual Service Week.

Service Week 2023 is April 3-7, though some trips may leave earlier or return after those dates.  Students are required to participate in our annual service week in a full-time capacity to fulfill their graduation service requirement.  TKA Service Week is an academic week on our school calendar, and as such, we expect all high school students to attend.  While we value all of the sacrificial service TKA students participate in, the intent of TKA Service Week is to serve together, as a TKA community, which supports our mission of creating enduring relationships.  

The only exception for not participating in a TKA Service Week activity is if high school students serve with their local church during the same timeframe as TKA's Service Week, and the service meets the requirements below.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Donna Quant, Service Outreach Coordinator or  Campus Pastor, Rob Starke at

Eligibility Requirements for Service with Your Local Church

  • Service must occur during TKA's Service Week

  • The Church must be Christ centered

  • There is a spiritual component to the service

  • There is a relational component to service

  • The recipients have material needs

  • Students are serving across economic, geographic, or ethnic groups

  • Students are serving outside their comfort zone

Here's What The Organizations TKA Served Had to Say...

"The team and leaders were fantastic and we were able to see God at work in many ways throughout the week.  We also enjoyed meeting the parents and appreciate that so many of them took the time to join us for one of the sessions."  - Amy Joh, Director of Partner Engagement, Hope Horizon EPA

"What an awesome, efficient, FAST group of packers the students were! To think that 108,864 meals were packed in just 5 shifts is amazing! I know they could’ve easily packed another 50,000+ meals with how well they did. Super thankful for those 108,864 meals though!! Way to go TKA!! Because of those meals, 298 kiddos now have hope for a future with being fed for an entire year. That’s incredible. Thank you guys so much; that is so worth celebrating!"  - Shelby Baker, FMSC Mobile Pack Volunteer Program Supervisor

"I’ve been slowly reading through the cards that the students wrote to the partners and kids being fed; talk about some tear jerkers! Truly such gems. Praying for you all to continue to bring glory to God and to build the Kingdom." - Shelby Baker, FMSC Mobile Pack Volunteer Program Supervisor