Service Trips

Servant Leadership

One of the core values and part of the mission of The King's Academy is servant leadership. Service is an integral part of The King’s Academy. We engage students to look beyond themselves and reach out to others in love and compassion. We equip students to share the Gospel and provide opportunities for students to contribute their God-given gifts and talents. All students are encouraged to serve the school community and lead by Godly example.

Goal of TKA Service Week

TKA takes seriously our mandate to instill in our students a love for serving others. Each spring during the week prior to Easter, TKA offers a variety of service experiences to students. These experiences give students the opportunities to use their skills and talents to serve in the name of Jesus Christ, whether by building homes or playing with children. Our flagship trip is to Tecate, Mexico, where we have been serving for twenty-eight years and have built nearly 400 homes.

Our vision is that each of our students receives a well-rounded education, and becomes a change agent in the world who serves and loves others in the name of Christ. For TKA, the goal of service is not to go somewhere and simply perform a service, but rather to engage in the full experience of service and to return having been transformed into a servant leader for life. 

Below are service trips that have been organized by TKA. Some trips are planned annually, and others are rotated periodically.

Service Trip Safety Guidelines

The King’s Academy is continually monitoring threats and concerns that may affect the welfare of students on service trips. We regularly check the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization for health updates and the U.S. State Department for travel advisories. In general, trips to countries with level 3 or higher are not allowed. However, some countries' ratings vary within regions, like Mexico. Because travel advisories regularly change and countries undergo regime changes, the TKA administration reserves the right to approve trips to certain countries and/or regions within countries where we determine students and staff will be in a safe environment. TKA will never take a trip in which we believe the students and staff will not be safe. If we, or the partnering organization, deem travel unsafe at any point, we will not hesitate to modify our plans or call off travel to that area. For questions, contact Rob Starke, Campus Pastor, at x4270.