Health and Wellness

Dean's Office

Deans Office members, group photo

Medical and Emotional Support

The King's Academy Deans work closely with other staff on to ensure students' health and wellness are a priority in a well-balanced education. TKA has established protocols to support students struggling with medical or emotional needs. The Deans will collaborate with the student, parents, and teachers to create the support necessary to help the student succeed academically and emotionally while recovering. The Deans regularly meet with struggling students and proactively check in with students whose grades or behavior indicate they may need additional support.

George Parsons, Dean of Students, x4230
Stephanie Huber, Dean of Students, x4280
Stewart Joslyn, Assistant Dean of Students

Christian Counseling

The King's Academy is pleased to provide access to Christian Counseling on TKA's campus.  TKA has partnered with the Christian Counseling Center San Jose to offer counseling after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  The sessions are 50 minutes long and begin at 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. Students are offered six free sessions. Spaces are limited. If your student needs professional counseling, please email or call Dean of Students Stephanie Huber, at, x4280.

Spiritual Life and Relational Ministry

A central component of TKA's mission is building enduring relationships through relational ministry. All the programs and events planned by Spiritual Life are designed to build relationships between staff and students, between students and peers, and ultimately between our students and the Lord. The ethic behind all campus ministry is an understanding that small investments over long periods reap great rewards. These relationships help all students to feel seen and feel a sense of belonging in TKA's small family community.

Emotionally Safe School Environment

The King’s Academy is committed to providing a school environment free from harassment, which includes racism and bullying in any form.  TKA condemns such acts as being antithetical to Christian teaching and values.

Any alleged incidents of harassment, racism, or bullying by a student are to be reported directly to the appropriate Dean for review, investigation, and the necessary disciplinary action.  Consequences may include parent conferences, scheduling changes, detention, loss of privileges, suspension, and expulsion from school as well as potential criminal charges.

TKA uses the STOPit online reporting app for anonymous reporting of harassment, including bullying, cyber abuse, racism, and discrimination. Students can also use STOPit to reach out for help if they or a peer are facing a personal crisis or otherwise in need of assistance. Our goal with STOPit is to create a safer, kinder school community online and off

School Nurse

TKA has a part-time school nurse who can assess sick or injured students and reviews all medical forms and procedures: Jennifer Kau, "Nurse Jen." If your student has a medical condition or requires any health accommodations, she needs to be informed, whether it may be a mild food allergy, a mental health issue, or a potentially life-threatening illness. Please know all information is kept confidential according to FERPA/HIPPA law.

TKA Concussion Protocol

TKA takes our concussion protocol seriously. If a student is expected of having a concussion, parents need to contact both the Dean's Office ( and Nurse Jen immediately, so the student can be placed on an Academic Concussion Protocol for Return to School.  To participate in high school athletics at TKA, a baseline ImPACT Concussion test is needed every other year, Please contact Head Athletic Trainer, Ben Sira, for any questions regarding concussions or ImPACT testing.  Visit TKA's Sports Medicine webpage for more details about TKA's athletic trainers and sports medicine resources.

Nut Allergies

While TKA is not a nut-free campus, we are sensitive to those who suffer from food allergies. The school asks parents to do what they can to prevent sending foods to school that contain or have been processed with peanuts. This reminder is also included in any food donation requests for school events and activities.

Current Parents and Students: Please refer to pages 54-63 in the Student/Parent Handbook (located in the FACTS Family Portal) for details about TKA's policies & protocol for Health, Wellness, and Safety.