Knights Café


Knight’s Café Menu

It is the commitment of the Knight’s Café to provide the highest quality food and service possible.  We do this while trying to provide a variety of daily food offerings, which are occasionally sourced from local vendors and/or created fresh in our own on-campus kitchen.  Additionally, our food service system is user-friendly and manageable through an online tool, which allows parents to fund their student’s account and view their student’s purchases.  Products purchased from the Café not only provide a good value, but the proceeds also help to fund student activities.  In the end, we try to encourage a healthy approach to eating choices while anticipating the varied taste preferences of our students.

Severe Food Allergies on Campus – Let’s All Be Conscientious

Parents, as you purchase items for teams, Home Groups, and class events, keep in mind that a number of our students suffer from allergic reactions to a variety of foods, especially peanut products.  Please do what you can to prevent sending foods to school that contain or have been processed with peanuts.  While we are not a nut-free campus, we do want to be sensitive to those who suffer from allergies.  Before bringing any food or beverages to campus for a group event, it is best to ask the class/event organizer to disclose any sensitivities that participants may have, and adjust your food options accordingly.  Thank you for your consideration. 

Store Hours

Open every day from 7:15 a.m. and closes one-half hour after school at 3:15 p.m.

Student Accounts 

Add money to your student's lunch account with  

Having an account with MySchoolBucks allows you to

  • Check your student's purchases and balance online 
  • Sign up for low balance alerts
  • Make automatic recurring payments
  • Check your student's purchases and balance online 
  • Sign up for low balance alerts
  • Make automatic recurring payments

To avoid the $2.75 transaction fee, you may also send cash or a check (payable to "TKA") with your student to turn in at the Knights Café. 

Having an account with MySchoolBucks allows you to check your student's purchases and balance online,  but it is not necessary to have. Your student can check his/her balance anytime by asking at the Knight's Café.

 Salad Bar

The Knights Café is proud to present our new salad bar! Kids now have the option to eat healthier during lunch. The salad bar is open at lunchtime and the cost is 35 cents per ounce. We are so excited for this new addition to move towards healthier options!

Knight's Café Manager

Mrs. Cora Bell