Model United Nations


The King’s Academy Model United Nations Team provides TKA students an avenue to engage in global relations, public speaking, and research of current world issues. Students act as delegates from assigned countries and debate topics within different UN committees. For conferences, they learn how to write well-researched position papers, practice creating diplomatic partnerships, and collaborate on in-depth resolutions with students across the nation. As a team, TKA MUN has attended conferences like Stanford Model UN, Berkeley Model UN, Santa Clara Valley Model UN, and Los Gatos Model UN.The team is open to all high school students. Our season starts around the beginning of the school year (September) until the end (April-May). All Model UN delegates are required to attend at least one conference to be a part of the team. Meetings are on a biweekly basis, but the team meets weekly in the months leading up to conferences. Contact or for more information.

  • Current Captains: Charlize Nishitoyo and Abigail Chang 
  • Advisor: Victoria Su, English Department

Our Mission

In an ever-changing world, our mission is to encourage students to be up to date with local, national, and international current events and to learn about and work with different cultures and worldviews. Our hope is to broaden students’ perspectives and help them develop a more nuanced understanding of world politics. 


Our team was founded in 2019 by past co-presidents Vivian Chang and Grace Huang (TKA '20) in the fall of 2019, with support from Mrs. Victoria Su (club advisor) and Mr. David Yu (counselor). The club was founded upon Vivian and Grace's eye-opening experience at NAIMUN, or the North American Invitational Model United Nations, in Washington D.C. This conference hosts more than 3,000 high school delegates from around the world. Later, the team was passed to Co-Presidents Naomi Wong and Maggie Lau (TKA '22), who hosted many training sessions and led the team through multiple online conferences. Currently, Abigail Chang and Charlize Nishitoyo (TKA '23) are co-presidents of the Model UN team. They have won notable awards including two Verbal Commendations and one Honorable Mention from Santa Clara Valley MUN and Charlize winning Honorable Mention at Berkeley Model UN.

Team News

February 8, 2023

At the end of January, the TKA Model UN Team attended SCVMUN (Santa Clara Valley Model UN). SCVMUN is the second largest MUN conference on the west coast and has over 1000+ attendees. TKA represented multiple countries such as Spain, Monaco, Belarus, and South Korea. It was an incredibly successful conference with three out of six team delegations winning awards. 

Congratulations to…

  • Harshita Pinneboina (11) and Nandika Yadav (11) for Honorable Mention in the Commission of the Status of Women 
  • Stephanie Bae (12) and Abigail Ninan (12) for Honorable Mention in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • Abigail Chang (12) and Charlize Nishitoyo (12) for Honorable Mention in United Nations Environmental Program